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And even then, it wasn't by his own free will. The mailman made him come!

wow thats freaking sad :(


wow thats freaking sad :(

YDI for your dads cremated remains coming in the mail. This is the first time, in your entire adult life, that he has visited you at your home.

33 gtfo troll

Couldn't have been any more direct :]

that's chocolate milk mix not your dad

... well... I'm just gonna go to the bathroom and throw up for no specific reason don't drink any of my chocolate milk while I'm away

34 Dont call him a troll, it's what he wants. He's just a wannabe Skroal.

Haha No 40 :D i got the reference. But you got ur dead father mailed to you? Kinda creepy.

Wow, FYL Op :( sorry.

that's really sad. did he not like you? not trying to ne mean.

I have to ask, in what way is this a YDI-type situation?

And even then, it wasn't by his own free will. The mailman made him come!

I believe several housewives can say the exact same thing, Perdix!

now that'll make him feel better :)

Now, now, Perdix, you have me thinking that the deceased dad was gay. "Thou shalt not insult the dead."

RBG, phone #'s, please? :)

ahahaha look at him go xD

I was thinking along that line, too.

Ya that mailman should go to the Middle East. Poor ashes. Died so young.

that's sad. just remember the good times and keep your father with you always. cheer up op let your dad RIP

Father of the year?

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess they didnt really get along? but hey i could be wrong

That's kind of creepy, the way you said that.

and that's kind of creepy, your pic, that is.

get over it, get over it.

Win, my friend.

not fyl because your dad died and you miss him or anything. Instead fyl cause that's the first time he's ever been to your house?? Really? d-bag..I wouldn't go to your house either

OP's a douchebag for expecting his father to visit? Woah. My parents must be douchebags since they expect me to call when I'm at sleepaway camp.

i agree with gizz bro, wtf does u being at “sleepaway camp" have to do with anything?

i agree with gizz bro, wtf does u being at “sleepaway camp" have to do with anything?

Athe intelligence level at which you cannot understand a simple comparison must be low. But OP is saying that his father never visitted him his whole adult life. I'd feel bad too.

Fail grammar!>:(

This saddens me. :(

but seriously how much??? I'm just playin... (with your boobs). :)

You did your "kthxbai" wrong...

No OP is a douchebag for caring more about the fact that his/her father never came to visit, rather than his/her fathers death. FYL for still going to sleep away camp.

you know you put this in the main feed and not the reply feed that you're pointing this at, right?

obviously not...

Well maybe you should have been worth visiting while he was alive OP

true oh so very true

What an ash.

lmao you are so punny!

hahahahahahahahahahah that was hilarious thumbs up to you!

nice one :D


Lmao win 14