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  YDI_S  |  0

YDI for your dads cremated remains coming in the mail. This is the first time, in your entire adult life, that he has visited you at your home.

By  gizz104  |  0

not fyl because your dad died and you miss him or anything. Instead fyl cause that's the first time he's ever been to your house?? Really? d-bag..I wouldn't go to your house either

  CitrusGirl  |  0

Athe intelligence level at which you cannot understand a simple comparison must be low.
But OP is saying that his father never visitted him his whole adult life. I'd feel bad too.

By  gizz104  |  0

No OP is a douchebag for caring more about the fact that his/her father never came to visit, rather than his/her fathers death. FYL for still going to sleep away camp.