It hurts

By dogbait - 14/02/2010 05:07 - France

Today, my neighbor's dog bit me, it was extremely painful. The gash in my leg was deep and bleeding like crazy. When I finally got into my house screaming in agonizing pain, my mother said "Quit bitching, walk it off and you'll be fine." My leg is purple now. FML
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correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you sue the owners

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Yes you need to get it looked at. It could get infected.


I'm pretty sure this isn't real... You can get deadly diseases from nasty dog bites...

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Yeah, good thing rabies makes your leg go more a lilac-ish colour than straight out purple. You'll probably be fine, OP...

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Exactly! When I got bitten by a tiny little poodle as a child, I was immediately whisked off to hospital and given tetanus shots! Then antibiotics, since you never know what germs a dog might carry. Also, even tiny dogs have nasty teeth: The wound had to be disinfected and and properly covered and even a few months later you could still see the teeth imprints!

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15, the OP isn't going to say, "my leg is now a lovely lilac color"

agreed put the dog down lol

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not a dog person are you, anthrax

put a band-aid on it and suck it up! ur mom's a bag tho

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56, he was being sarcastic.

#62 Im a dog person but if they bite your leg and it turns purple, it's better to put it down before it happens to someone else

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@56 Hahaha. It's cute how you don't understand things.

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after you put the dog down chop it up and throw it into a stew.

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the answer isn't kill the dog. you don't do that if it has only bitten once, that's harsh and cruel, and sick. op, you shud sue if necessary. my dog once had a huge biting problem, but with good training she changed. putting a dog down is nit the answer, do you have any idea what it is like to have your dog executed?

you should bite her in the leg and see how she likes it!!! lol 

Umm...get a tetanus shot? Like, quickly? Jesus, at least get it checked out!

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why are you on fml when your leg is turning purple? shouldn't you be at the hospital?

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it's not the dog's fault dumbass

Time to put that universal health care to good use! Go see a doctor, before your leg turns all the colors of the rainbow!

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whoops sorry. I didn't read it right.

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ya its soooo not the dog's fault that the dog bit someone! i bet it was the op antagonizing it. oh wait. bit in the leg you say? cmon gimme a break if the dog was antagonized or something op woulda been bit in the hand or arm but leg and face is how dog's hunt. op just had the bad luck to become Fido's chew toy. KILL THE DOGGY!

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haha, That would be a pretty fucked up FML if he did say that.

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dog was probs rabid

If a dog attacks a human, it should be put down

#122 Could you deviate this to me. Because you can't really say that, because you were not there. Also the fact that my Aunt was once bitten by a big dog, and all she was doing was walking down to her neighbor's house. And I highly doubt that OP did anything to provoke a stray dog. So think about it before you post, dumkopf.

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Yeah I'd have to agree, I was bit by a dog in my neighborhood while out on a run and my parents rushed me to the hospital, I ended up having a hematoma that need to be drained, and to this day it's still numb, even though this happened almost 4 years ago.

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ouch !

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Put ur big girl panties on and grow a pair. Try having a nail shot through ur hand via a nail gun. Nails can cause serious infections, sometimes untreatable, while dog bites can be treated easily and quickly. And instead of going home and crying to your mommy, why didnt u go to th hospital if it was extremely painful and bleeding like crazy?! YDI for being an idiot and choosing crying over doing something about it.

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dog bites can cause all sorts of nasty infections dumbass. ever heard of flesh eating bacteria? the shit that causes that is in dog's mouths and throats ( and humans, too). and as far as quickly and easily, the only treatment for that that is guarunteed to work is amputation of the dead tissue.

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Yes you need to get it looked at. It could get infected.

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Its purple, it probably already is

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it's probably bruised. lots of crushing force

correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you sue the owners

WTF I wasn't done with my comment. CAN'T U SUE THE OWNERS FOR LETTING THIER DOG (of which I assume they knew bites) IN A POSITION WHERE THEY CAN ATTACK SOMEONE. Unless OP was being stupid and went into the property. If that's the case then YDI and I hope they amputate your leg

Yeah, you can also by law put the dog down, dunno whether it would be the same in America though.

@ #4 and #5 YOUR CRAZY MAN. YOUR FUCKIN CRAZY XD sry I always wanted to do that. lol YES IM BORED SO WHAT. snickerdoodles you have nothin to say cuz I already covered it all >;) yell at me for my other ones XD jk.

Oh oh! You misspelled agonizing,the grammer Nazi is gonna get you! Oh crap I used "gonna". Is that a word? It means going to!

@ #7 yes it's the same, if there's a dog that's endangering the public. They can put that dog down. Unless it's unable to get out of the property of which it resides in.

@ #11 who misspelled agonizing??? 0_0 dude your somewhere else. I don't see any comments using or misspelling AGONIZING

Fuck the grammer Nazi, trying to look down on us like lepers, if you want to patronize people go into teaching or better yet go patronize people on the street and see how you go with direct communication instead of being a keyboard warrior thinking your "The one and only".

nvm forgot the actual FML XD sry my bad!

Tripout,pay attention! The OP did in the fml!

@19 Dude she's not here yet!

@23 Oh yeah I know but just ending it before it starts, lol.

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#5 you can't get your leh amputated because of a dog bite.

#48 Of course you can. Didn't you see that episode of House?

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get that dog taken away!!!

Thank you! (It's "Three Stories" for anyone who's wondering ;])

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53: lmao. duhhh of course you can. you can get your leg amputated for everythang!

You spelled "grammar" incorrectly, #11.

It depends on where this person is. If it's Canada, you can sue the owners. Most places would have the dog euthanized, but here, even if the person entered your property, for example, your house, and dog bites them and hurts them, the intruder can sue still. It actually happened that a burglar got bitten by a dog and got sued because people here have a responsibility to duty of care, it is your responsibility to make sure people don't get hurt because of you. Example, your fence is 5ft. tall and you have a pool. Somebody hops the fence and swims, then drowns in the pool. You are held responsible for having enticment to enter the property (if you have a pool, the fence must completely surround the yard and be at least 6 ft. tall). Mitigating factors would be a "no trespassing" etc. signs. Just to show that you tried to prevent injury. It wont completely relieve you of any responsibility if anybody gets hurt, but it makes your case better should they decide to sue. Anyways, as for the dog bite, I'd get it checked out right away, dogs have disgusting mouths. The bacteria that people claim make their mouths the cleanest, is good for them, not for us. They are not clean by comparison to people. Consider that dogs eat their own poop. Right there, E.Coli. I've seen the result of people letting dogs lick their wounds...not pretty.

That sounds awful. You mean I can go around cannon balling into a neighbor's pool just to drown myself, and all of a sudden my family can sue them because they were missing a few trespassing signs or their fence was a foot too short? F that.

lol yup, if somebody gets hurt on your property because of something you neglected to do to prevent it, you are to blame.

Yeah I know!! Gotcha!!


your mom will realize how wrong she was when you get rabies...

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or her leg amputated, either way it's a tragedy...

You have to get a tetanus-shot, it's extremely risky to let a dog-bite go untreated

I agree with shokz993 or first comment you could get a disease and your mum wouldn't say that as if

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Well, at least your FML is better-written than Twilight. How knowing that you're a good writer will help you through your dog bite injury is beyond me, but it's something :/

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Jacob bit the OP :(

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