By disneyworld - 14/02/2010 05:49 - United States

Today, my dad told me he's taking the whole family to Disney World, even my step-brother's girlfriend. But not me, because he can't "afford" it. FML
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there's sooo much things I wanna say but let's start it off....did the stepmother convince him to do that cuz sumtimes step relatives can be mean

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Life's a bitch. I guess he's playing favorites. ^o^


Pay for a ticket yourself. Seriously I hate it when people expect their parents to pay for everything. Be independent. However, depending on the family maybe the alone time while they are gone is the real vacation.

What the fuck? Whenever my parents had a family vacation, I didn't pay for my own ticket -_- I'm guessing the OP is 16.

what does OP mean?

inviolentlight: That's a little harsh, don't you think? How do you know how old she is? How do you know that she's not a full time student and thus canonly work minimal hours, if any at all? Or, better yet, how do you know that, even if she WERE able to buy the ticket, that her father wouldn't take her anyway due to lack of space in the car, etc.? The point here isn't that a ticket wasn't bought for her, it was that a ticket WAS bought for someone who wasn't even (technically) family, but not her.

OP means original poster.

Bustyboi look up shit, you are online.

Really heartless to tell he's taking the whole family- except you. Black sheep are we now? What you'd do to piss him off so bad?

you know, maybe, just maybe, this ISNT the ops fault? Nah, people never do bad things out of the blue, so the OP must have done something bad out of the blue

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damn...fyl that's hella harsh. ask him wtff his problem is...

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that's F'ed up. on the real.

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:[ that really sucks

if my dad did that I would like go crazy but he hates me so ya lol

Take a dump in his shirt drawer every day he is gone. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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What kind of dumps are you taking; definitely not cold.

They cool off a bit as they sit and dry for a week.

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While you're at it, have your period in there too.

Maybe have all the people you bring over for the party blow chunks in there.

I feel like CallMeHush has done this before.

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have a constant stream of guys over to screw you, and name any child after your step dad

yes lets completely ruin her life while we're at it

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that's stupid