By dumbdad - 28/12/2009 07:30 - United States

Today, my dad finally used the electric shaver I bought him for Christmas. My dog now has bald patches. FML
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No more animal testing, you want PETA to show up and set your dog free?



thats funny!

no hes doin it right

that's not funny poor bald puppy

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YDI for thinking that the word "finally" is appropriate after 3 days.

irishfever 0

ha that was exactly what I was thinking

that's when the FML was posted, not when it was made. it was just coincidental timing

Finally? It's been 3 days

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How is this a FML? F your dog's life.

You got that right.

I don't see how this is a FML.

is your dad 5 year old?

Dont_Explain 3

Your mother has bald patches? Jesus, that's terrible. :(

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Omg dude, i woke up this morning and my dog was completely shaved! She has a bald spot too! Hahaha i agree with #8 though...