By Anonymous - 15/02/2016 01:57 - United Kingdom - Hull

Today, after trying for months for a baby, I finally got a positive test. For chlamydia. FML
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Maybe you should have done std tests before taking the condoms off? Just a thought...

At least that's one of the STIs that are curable and not something like herpes or aids


Don't have sex with strangers. That's not the way

Rather judgemental of you. And if she was trying for a baby it's quite possible she caught it from her partner anyway.

That's just an incredibly stupid & judgemental thing to say.

You don't understand sarcasm you idiot

Kristoffer 35

Maybe you should have only tried with one dude.

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And who said her partner wasn't the one who gave it to her, hmm?

And even if she would sleep with several dudes, who are you to judge her? (Although regular STD-tests are very much a necessity in that case!)

Maybe she was loyal to a guy who wasn't so loyal and passed it to her?

Maybe you should have done std tests before taking the condoms off? Just a thought...

And maybe she did the tests and it came after? Once you do the tests, you're not clean forever.

She meant for her and her partner so they both would know what each other have before going skin to skin

OP states they have been trying for months. Maybe they did testing before that. Why would they get additional testing? Most of the time when people try to have babies they have already been together for years.

ChopSuey444 20

OP could very well be a married woman. Trying for a baby can cause tension in a marriage. One spouse can feel like they've been pressured but they're afraid of disappointing the other, and often times trying for a baby leads to ovulation tests and timed unpassionate sex which could lead someone chlamydia free to do something that causes chlamydia... That's just one of the MANY possibilities other than the popular "OP is responsible" theory.

Who the **** cares? Even if she's in a monogamous relationship, getting tested won't hurt it's for your own benefit. Just because I have a boyfriend doesn't mean I won't do my routine checkups every year. It takes 2 minutes but I guess that's too much for most people. *sigh*

Multiple dalliances would do that to you.

rldostie 19

I'm guessing you got this from your long-term partner? If that's the case, sorry, OP and that sucks. But SOOO much better to learn he's a cheating douche now that AFTER you got pregnant. Take the meds, get better, and chalk it up as a win for getting out of that relationship before things got irreversible.

Maybe he didn't cheat. He could have gotten it before and they just never had sex without a condom. Then she never went to a doctor or anything to learn she got chlamydia until months after.

rldostie 19

I suppose that's possible, though how long can a man have chlamydia without knowing? I know it can have silent symptoms for surely not for years, which I presume one would wait until they start trying to have children. Of course this is based on the assumption that the OP is waiting a reasonable amount of time before trying to have children with her significant other.

Some people have resistances or immunities that others do not. He might have had it but been immune. Kinda like Typhoid Mary.

andrmac 25

Guys don't really get obvious symptoms for that woman do, and gonorrhea is the opposite.

At least that's one of the STIs that are curable and not something like herpes or aids

Herpes is harmless and nearly all of the human population has some form of it #themoreyouknow

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Half of the population has some form of Herpes Simplex, not genital herpes. They're two different strains of the virus.

Genital Herpes IS Herpes Simplex. There's HS 1 and HS 2. Both can induce both the face and genital outbreak but usually it's 1 for the face and 2 for the genitals

Actually left untreated it can be really dangerous for women and even cause infertility and other permanent damage

And you can also get hsv 1 on your genitals if your significant other had a sore on their lip and you go down on them.

Chlamydia can cause infertility in woman. This could very well explain why OP can't get pregnant.

Did you check to see if you were ovulating. Always do tests of your partners blood too.

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someone got some explaining to do