By mareda - 01/02/2012 19:31 - United Kingdom

Today, I flew to England to visit my boyfriend, who has been working there for the past three months. I went to his hotel and waited for him; he never showed up. I called one of his colleagues to ask him what was going on. He had no idea what I was talking about. FML
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Aww that sucks. On the plus side, cute boys with English accents are all around you!!

Wh...wh...what? You mean a CT scan of a crushed skull doesn't turn you on? Pictures of steak knives soaked in blood don't get you riled up? What the hell is the MATTER with you, son? You need serious psychiatric help.


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Wh...wh...what? You mean a CT scan of a crushed skull doesn't turn you on? Pictures of steak knives soaked in blood don't get you riled up? What the hell is the MATTER with you, son? You need serious psychiatric help.

I'm gonna comment first one day just to see what the mods will whip up. Nice fetish you have there #1.

That's not the first time I've heard that, but if it's your professional opinion....

I wish I could have seen the original comment.

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35- I caught a glimpse and it said "last", trying to act like a smartass

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39- Do you not understand how comments work?

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My fault, I assumed he was using his phone like me to comment (takes forever). But if your comment gets moderated, do u get a chance to edit it?

ಠ_ಠ You're new here, aren't ya kid?

Mods are funny people. They will humilate you and they will remove your comment. However this particular one is a great example of a mod's sense of humor. A mod edited the 1st comment because it was so ridiculously stupid it was literally screaming "MESS WITH ME" so the mod edited it to her liking. You are enlightened.

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Ever since I created this account, I have waited fir a comment like this. I waited and waited, but it never happened, until today! Now I can die in peace knowing that this was one of the most hilarious Mod Intervention's i've ever seen. That or that guy is seriously ****** up inside the head. I suggest A PUBLIC BEATING IN THE MIDDLE OF FML TOWN SQUARE!!!

LMFAO. Thank you mods, you just made my day.

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I think it's wonderful the mods can do their jobs so well and give us all a good laugh on someone else's expense, this is what FML is all about people! *sniffle*

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Why are people thumbs downing a mod? I don't see a point in it.

I will wildly speculate it is because he is not in fact a moderator.

SecretMe00 5

And how do you know if it's a mod or not?

The whole "FML Staff" thing, unless I've been dreaming all these years. :-(

Secretme00, are you ******* serious? Look at Sirin: her name ends with (fml staff), her comment is a yellowish/gold color, she has a medal in the top right hand corner. That is the signs a mod. Commenter #1 doesn't have these signs. MORON!!!

I wonder... *Goes to make an account with (FML Staff) behind it*

I wonder... *Goes to make a account to with (FML Staff) then has comment removed. When Sirin is asked she says it's because he's Canadian but knows that he has uncovered a major flaw in this FML conspiracy and that anyone reading this should further the cause.* VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

Gentlemen, it has been an honour playing with you tonight. *Plays the violin while the ship goes down.*

Why no calling card? Wee.... You know the rest :/

125 Don't forget to accidentally slip onto a lifeboat!

This sort of ruined my day knowing i missed out on all this.

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You must have gotten up on the wrong side of the padded room this morning.

Wtf Is Wrong With You Mental Much ? You Need God To Fix You And Animals Seriously ? What Are You A F-Ing Animal **** Person ? Your Human Think Of Being Gay Or Straight Or Bi Idk **** This Is The Weirdest Comment I Ever Read You Got Problems O.o

Brelywi 15

Aww that sucks. On the plus side, cute boys with English accents are all around you!!

crazychick1269 7

British and australian accents are so damn Hott

I think 1 just earned the "fastest comment removal ever" award.

cash_monkey72 9

They tend to have shitty teeth though...

I'm Australian and I didn't even realize we had accents.. Haha

No, no they aren't. I prefer flivver flabber

Brelywi 15

I wish I could teach my husband to have an Australian accent... Or Scottish *drool*

I'll give you the accent thing. I'm a Brit living in the states and people comment on my accent all the time. However as to hot English men those seem to be few and far between.

GoW_Chick 14

If I may add in my input about hot accents, I love Irish, and Finnish accents.

Brelywi 15

I've never heard a Finnish accent, but Irish is definitely hot.

I used to think I didn't have a very thick Irish accent until I went to America. I spent five days in new York having very excited people remind me of my origin "omg your Irish!!" one even hugged me, bless you Americans, so easy to make happy lol

I think when people hear the Australian accent its more a feeling of "naww, they think they're people". Our accent sounds like someone with a bit of brain damage or intellectual disability. But whatever floats your boat...

mama2b3 20

Way to find the silver lining! So true!

Aussie accents deffs aren't as hot as Irish!

But Australian chicks are hotter than Irish girls.

I forget I have an accent all the time but there are words my boyfriend and his friends have teased me about and I don't say them anymore. But Americans have lazy tongues!

Good luck finding a 'cute english boy' they are a rare occurance over here!

Haha I'm Australian and didn't think our accents were attractive, but whatever tickles your pickle... :)

i think you should have a blast and lots of hook ups to get back at that ass

cradle6 13

Doesn't sound like he exists. Or maybe, you and him have been the same person the whole time! 0_0


Just like the club that you can't talk about according to the first two rules!

The pubs close at like ten in England and they have the smoking ban, woo, party hardy!

24 hour drinking in a majority of pubs now

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UsernameInCanada 7

Genius man! Like Aaron Stampler (Edward Norton, same guy as in the club whose first two rules shall not be said) from Primal Fear

CinderellaC 4

That's a committed lie he's living

The question I have is why wouldn't she make arrangements with him before she went there

She did, and he lied to her about England and everything, probably met over the internet. Valuable lesson for OP and Trolling at its best (worst?).

Well if he 'went to work in England for 3 months' we can assume he's not from England, and as such probably someone she was dating offline.

snrdncr08 2

Well, you can clearly see that the OP is from New England, so it may be safe to assume that her boyfriend is from there as well. That would explain why he was working in England (anyone ever heard of a traveling job???) as well as help to disprove these dating online theories. (By the way, what's so wrong with dating online anyways? It is possible to do it safely, but anywhos) And as for the comment asking why she would fly out there without making arrangements first, I can offer two theories. One, she didn't trust him, or two she wanted to surprise him?! I think that's a pretty safe assumption and if you can afford to do it, who cares? They may have been dating for a few months or a few years, we don't know. Who are we to judge? In any case, OP, I feel terrible for you. You will find much better and soon this will all just be a post on

snrdncr08 2

United Kingdom* Wow. Epic fail.

mxnuelh 2

Fly for a boyfriend ??? How crazy girls are nowadays !

Well 3 months is a long time, I would fly to a different country to see my Girlfriend if she was gone for 3 months!! Maybe you guys don't have real feelings for your GF or BF and your just in on the sex!

54, 3 months is not a long time, and many people try not to waste money on such things when they are trying to afford living costs such as rent or a mortgage. Cost of living in the UK is high, the cost of the flight can be very expensive depending on where you live, and its only going to be for 3 months. 3 years, sure, you have a valid point. But 3 months is nothing. You must be a teenager to think that's a big deal and not have the financial issues of the real world.

Well they've been together for more than three months at least. I'd say they'd been together for quite awhile. He told her he had to go work in England, and 3 months later she decides to surprise him. I don't see what's so wrong with what she did. They were likely in a relationship for a long time. And why does everyone seem to think they only knew each other online? From what I gather he left her claiming to have to work abroad. I don't see any 'Internet dating' implication in the FML.

thatKidzmOm 10

106 I know if my bf left for 3 months, even with the costs of living and raising my daughter, I'd scrape up the money to fly and see him. I would miss him too much

126, From here the cost of that flight alone is $2000 + taxes etc. On top of which you have to pay through the ass just to live there. Goodluck not spending about $200 a day without even having a room to pay for. Assuming you do you've got to factor in hotel costs - cos lets face it, she may not be able to stay with him if he is living on his work site. So say you stay there for a week, you're looking at a minimum of around $3400. Of course, you'd scrape together that much money to see someone who is returning in a couple of months anyway...learn to video chat.

snrdncr08 2

I would have to disagree with you, 106. I was married to a Marine and by month 3 of his deployment I would have given anything to fly out and see him, regardless of the expense. To say that 54 must be a teenager and not have to deal with the financial issues of the real world is ignorant. I can list entire units of wives, husbands, and children who would disagree with you in an instant. Love is a powerful thing.

That's not love, its called impatience.

quite_bored 9

Well, maybe this story will help you understand. There was once an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end. Did it help? No? Ok.

Sounds like you no longer have a boyfriend. I'm sorry. :(

iseyixes 18

Reminds me of that "Friends" episode where Chandler told Janice he was transferred to Yemen because he couldn't break up with

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ByronJess 17

Obviously OP missed him and wanted to see him bad enough to fly all the way there. I'm sure they've been in contact, he's just lying.

ninjuh_wingman 29

Your boyfriend doesnt quite seem real. It could just be me.

I'm assuming the guy was lying to you..but its possible he had some problems? and didn't clue his friends in? ah, I don't know. he's a jerkwad.