By hawaiianlovechild - 29/11/2009 07:09 - United States
  Today, my dad and I were watching Hawaii play the Navy in football. I cheered when Hawaii won. My dad turns to me and says, "You know your mother and I concieved you there?" Thanks Dad. FML
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  perdix  |  29

I'd think Dad would be a big fan of Hawaii, unless the kid turned out to be a real shit, then Hawaii would be known as the volcanic wasteland that spew Satan's spawn!

  Life_is_FML  |  22

Hey OP can't complain. My parents said I was conceived in London. At 3:00 in the morning. Thank you, mom. I could've lived a long happy life without knowing that.

By  perdix  |  29

For some reason, I thought that "Dad" took that opportunity to point out to the OP had been sitting on the spot on the couch where he/she was conceived.

  ImThePope  |  2

That's the only way I can see this being an FML, the father liked the Navy so when Hawaii won and the OP cheered, the OP's dad told the OP that his wife and him had sex where the OP was sitting.