By womboman - United States
  Today, it started pouring while I was in the middle of a pizza delivery. I had to stand out in the rain for ten minutes while an old redneck dude wearing nothing but camo boxers fumbled around for the exact change to pay the bill. I think seeing his junk was supposed to count as my tip. FML
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  a_nutritionist  |  10

@32 you should thank him. if the guy wasnt holding a beer then you cant blame the alcohol and the guy really is that retarded. at least this way we assume its his poor choices rather than inability to comprehend the world around him.

By  09redbull90  |  0

I was delivering pizza on a hot humid day and this fat guy reached into his pants and pulled out this wad of cash that was wedged between his leg and nutsack. I grabbed the money with the receipt and held it out the window on the way back to the restaurant. Just deal with it OP.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

i hope you took it with a look of disgust and treated him like the piece of shit he is for the rest of the transaction. maybe then he will learn the basics of humanity. but i doubt it.