By Anonymous - 26/9/2014 20:00 - United States - Schaumburg
Today, I got back home from work and casually asked my dad "What's up?" He casually replied: "Wishing I'd had a son instead." and stared glassy-eyed at me until I left the room. FML
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  SarahSehhati  |  40

Actually it wouldn't be the same. There is a reason for everything. Why everyone is here. If she was not born her dad could have end up killing your dad which might have caused you not to be here (a little(maybe a lot) exaggerated but it could definitely be true).

  SarahSehhati  |  40

Some people life changes when they have a child. They feel they are responsible for this little person and be a better person. ( like I said it is an exaggerated story but it could be real)

  WaxenSecrets  |  5

#22, let's start with an easy example. You would not have read this FML if OP did not exist. And the key word was "almost". In the grand scheme of things, we'd probably still have corrupt politicians, the internet, a global economy, and the essence of the modern world as we know it. That much is true. But think of all the people in OP's life. She's clearly at place where she has played a role in the lives of those around her. She undoubtedly has friends who have been personally affected by her presence and whose lives would have taken a different course were she not there. No matter what, when we consider this, the world would not be the same. Now whether the change was for the better or not is an entirely different discussion that OP's father seems to be developing an opinion on.

By  Pstraka6  |  20

I'm going to say he was joking, but in the event that he wasn't make sure you stick it back and let him know you wish you didn't have an irate father

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Joking or drunk. Either way though it sucks. I wouldn't want to hear my father joke about that with a straight face. It's one thing if he burst out laughing and then hugged her and told her he loved her, but to play it so serious and let her walk away without letting her know he's joking is just as cruel as him meaning it. OP, if it were me, I would be tempted to have a conversation with him asking him why he'd rather have had a boy, and maybe try and hang out with him more and go see hockey games, or go fishing and do things he enjoys with him. I would want to try and improve our relationship, but maybe that's just me. My dad and I have always tried to spend time together doing things, and we've gone on daddy-daughter dates my entire life. I have 2 older brothers and dads and sons hang out a lot because they're interested in the same things and they have more in common to do together, so he never wanted me to be left out or have spent more time with them than me and made a point of having daddy-daughter dates so we would always have a strong relationship (but he's incredible). So doing things he enjoys or making time to spend just the two of you and going on dates may help. Of course if he is always a jerk and doesn't want anything to do with you then there isn't much to be done and you may want to keep your distance.

(Edit: sorry for the long post, didn't realize it was so long.)


#44 same here! I have a dad and two older sisters, I always thought that he would give them whatever they want and I would be the one that got ignored, but then one day my dad asked if I want to go with him to Tim Hortons and stuff like that! So now, every Friday me and my dad have special father-daughter time! And I love my dad! He's so incredible!