By hwscrewed - 10/11/2010 04:00 - United States

Today, I was writing my narrative essay for my English class. When I turned it in, I was really proud of what I thought I wrote. Evidently for some people listening to music while writing essays is a bad thing. My essay was filled with little bits of ZZ Top lyrics. FML
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And this is why we proofread.

Iv'e done that, Except I was at work writing down an order. The guy was ordering "sticky fingers", while his buddies suggested I just call him an asshole. (For some random reason) The result was one order of "Sticky Ass".


lenalee96 22

ooh, I've done that before. it sucked.

ZZ Top are epic

actually... music helps me concentrate :P

oh not me. I could never listen to music while I did homework. Too distracting.

rallets 22

"rumors spreading that texas town..bout that shack outside la grange... ...shes got legs... ... cause every girls crazy bout a sharp dressed man"

TurboTalon 0

They have some DIRTY lyrics.. I wonder what OP used...

Same,but with the song. F**k The World by Insane Clown Posse...I got suspended for that. Then I did it once more but with a song I was writing...turns out teachers don't like. "You will burn in a burning car explosion,I will laugh,you will cry,I will live,you will die." Haha. Life is great!:)

natas_fml 13

^you're cool.

of course he is, he listens to insane clown posse that makes he automatically cool.

now thats a good question

You didn't read it over when you were done?

ceinaworus 0

awhawahawhawhahwhahw, drives every girl crazy bout a sharp dressed man!!!

And this is why we proofread.

A sentence isn't really supposed to start with "And". "And" is a conjunction, and therefore makes no sense at the start, so there shouldn't have been one there. "." then capitalize "This".

ispitflames 3

thank you for letting us know, i will now pass english with this knowledge.

It's perfectly acceptable to begin a sentence with a conjunction like and or but. FYI, periods and commas go inside quotation marks. OP deserves it for listening to ZZ Top. Good god.

ispitflames 3

Actually, If you're female, periods go inside the quotation marks.

What is that even supposed to mean???

stfuyssb 0

females have "periods"

Tikwichka 5

Pendatik, surely you mean British :p

Agree with #3 and thank you for that pendatik. I've always wondered.

Well then you would also love to know that following a period should be a space. Ie: "they're going to kill me....oh no." Is incorrect. Try "they're going to kill me... Oh no." I learned that in first grade =/

xkittykatx 0

^ I feel smart-er. [x

hatepineapple 14

@37, the "wrong end of the stick" phrase originated from times before toilet paper, where outhouses had a stick with a sponge attached to the end, soaking in salt water. Guess which end was the wrong one.

GrosMichelBanana 1

What exactly did your comment achieve? I'm pretty anal about grammar, but really? That was just stupid.

Ninjasaurus18 9

Technically you're not supposed to start a sentence with a conjunction, but most people don't follow that rule anymore.

NotYourOrdinary7 6

Wow. lol. Good job =p

pwnman 33

Who else but black people

You didn't even proof read your FML. You just fail at English regardless.

ispitflames 3

oh my god. FYL bro FYL major

its not a bro FYL major FYL it's not that big of a deal

ispitflames 3

i was being sarcastic

gusgus36 5

should have proofread it...

dudeitsdanny 9

How do you even do that? I understand a couple phrases that you catch, but you're just an idiot.

You look like Casey from the Ninja Turtles :D lol

olivesd23 0

lol u look like karate kid

dudeitsdanny 9

Screw you both =(

kemeko 0're hot >w<

dudeitsdanny 9

Me? ^^;; if so, thank you =)

kemeko 0

oh yes!..didn't I already comment this?._.

ydi for not checking over your paper.

it happens..

awww puppy! <3