By hwscrewed - United States
Today, I was writing my narrative essay for my English class. When I turned it in, I was really proud of what I thought I wrote. Evidently for some people listening to music while writing essays is a bad thing. My essay was filled with little bits of ZZ Top lyrics. FML
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By  Malfunktyn24  |  0

Iv'e done that, Except I was at work writing down an order. The guy was ordering "sticky fingers", while his buddies suggested I just call him an asshole. (For some random reason) The result was one order of "Sticky Ass".

  rallets  |  22

"rumors spreading that texas town..bout that shack outside la grange...

...shes got legs...

... cause every girls crazy bout a sharp dressed man"


Same,but with the song. F**k The World by Insane Clown Posse...I got suspended for that. Then I did it once more but with a song I was writing...turns out teachers don't like. "You will burn in a burning car explosion,I will laugh,you will cry,I will live,you will die." Haha. Life is great!:)

  Strebor  |  0

A sentence isn't really supposed to start with "And". "And" is a conjunction, and therefore makes no sense at the start, so there shouldn't have been one there. "." then capitalize "This".

  jonnyl  |  0

It's perfectly acceptable to begin a sentence with a conjunction like and or but. FYI, periods and commas go inside quotation marks.

OP deserves it for listening to ZZ Top. Good god.

  cuddlekitty66  |  0

Well then you would also love to know that following a period should be a space. Ie: "they're going to kill me....oh no." Is incorrect. Try "they're going to kill me... Oh no." I learned that in first grade =/

  hatepineapple  |  14

@37, the "wrong end of the stick" phrase originated from times before toilet paper, where outhouses had a stick with a sponge attached to the end, soaking in salt water. Guess which end was the wrong one.