By Anonymous - 07/06/2009 00:38 - Canada

Today, my cousin and I found out that when a girl puts a flower in the right side of her hair, it means she's available. The bigger the flower, the more available she is. My eleven year old boy cousin told me to cut down a palm tree and put it in my hair. FML
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lolwut Are flowers the new hanky code?


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lolwut Are flowers the new hanky code?

It has always been the code in the Pacific islands. When I was in American Samoa, my future mother-in-law always made sure I would wear a flower on the opposite side to show I was taken.


I've never heard of this before where is this?

This is something I be live girls do in Hawaii. It's been around for a very long time. It's kinda like a wedding ring, or Hindu women wearing a Tilak. I think anyway.

Also, if your eleven year old cousin knows you're "incredibly available" or says those sorts of things, there might be a problem.

ah makes sense. too bad they don't do that where I'm from it'd be a little easier oh yeah, and FYL. I feel for ya XP

That's what it means? Huh....better stop putting flowers in my hair then.

HA! That is awesome. How can someone be more or less available, though? Either you are, or you aren't. End of story. Right?

I guess it just means that you just want to have fun, or not interested in a relationship and if it's bigger then you really want to be in a relationship. Maybe it's something like that?

HAWAII!!!! Yeah we do this in Hawaii.... No one takes it seriously though to be honest. Even when I have a boyfriend, I still wear my flower on the right side. And the size has nothing to do with it, by the way :)

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(your last sentence) that's what she said

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And he has nothing to say on that? ^_^ Interesting Does he wear his flower on the right side? Or is it a palm tree? :P