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Today, I found out my ex-boyfriend is getting engaged. He broke up with me five months ago because our relationship was too serious for him. FML
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Your ex was using a really cliched excuse, I'm afraid.

He's engaged after five months? Really? Seems a bit quick to me.


Your ex was using a really cliched excuse, I'm afraid.

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5 months is a long time....

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so what? you just weren't right for each other, you should be happy for him.

What? It's simply that the guy didn't see himself living for the rest of his life with OP, that he most likely wasn't in love with her anymore. They were simply not right for each other; it's neither's fault, OP didn't deserve it, but the guy wasn't necessarily entirely a douche either.

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He lied to you to make the break-up easier on you. He just didn't want to date you.

he was. he should've just told her the truth.

he was cheating on you. he wasn't being cliche.

I don't think he was using a line. A relationship with the wrong person is always too serious. It wouldn't have worked out if you two had gotten engaged. OP, he's just not that into you. Move on.

ever think that it was just an excuse to get away from you? or he's just a hypocrite...

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that's just ricoculous

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It's like this: You were not the one for him. Why should he have to settle for you, when obviously there was someone better. Stop obsessing over yourself OP. YDI for wanting his life to revolve around you.

He is probably getting engaged cause she has lots of money and you didnt. YDI for being poor!

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OP, why so serious?

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the same thing happened in 500 days of summer! it's all the rage these days I hear

It has been 5 months, since, you two have been together. He has moved on. you should too. Go find a good man, that will treat you with love and respect. someone that will want to spend the rest of his life with you.

ouch ;( something very similar to this happened to me. in 5 months he managed to move a lot closer to me (5 mins to be exact), got another girl pregnant, proposed, and got married. but it's like #93 and #76 said, time to move on. stop dweling over the past. I feel your pain but don't worry you'll find someone new :)

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You dont know him, you don't know his reason for being engageged, wuit being a judgemental ***** OP

Just what I thought! At least Tom got Autumn at the end of the movie.

uhh 5 months is a long time, people change

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FYL x's 10. Ouch. :(

You got played miss. An excuse to break up because he no longer wanted to be with you.

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Maybe she's curvier than you. Did you ever consider that? I'm just sayin'.

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IT'S OVER 9,000!!!!

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Clearly what he meant was the relationship with you was too serious, and he lied to spare your feelings. How is that complicated?

Bollocks. It wasn't too serious, he got bored. Odds are the engagement won't last.

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Too serious for a woman like the OP.

He's engaged after five months? Really? Seems a bit quick to me.

*cough* knocked up *cough*

My boyfriend's brother moved in with his girlfriend after a month (not to mention they live with us and it sucks). Damn kids are crazy these days. But yeah, don't worry OP. It won't last.

can someone say jealous?

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Shhh that's a bad word!

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It's not him, it's you. Being "serious" with you sucked. Evidently this other girl knows what she's doing. It might involve sucking. Ironic, huh?

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Hahaha! perdix FTW!

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You are correct! If you're not doing it, some other girl is!

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What an idiot, but if it's any consolation, I bet that he's not really in love with her. I mean, he got engaged too quickly. The foundation for love hasn't had time to grow. He'll be lucky to last with her. in the meantime, find someone else. I'm sure that there are better men out there.

True love doesn't always need time to "build a foundation." Sometimes you just fall for someone.

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maybe he had been close friends with the other girl for years, was actually in love with her all that time, and when he broke up with OP started dating her and since they had cared about each other for so long, decided not to waste anymore time. You never know, could be the case.

I think I'm like half asleep right now. Because when I first read it, I thought it said, "Today, I found out my ex-boyfriend is getting ENRAGED.", not "engaged". lol And then I started laughing. Sorry, OP. But yeah that sucks. ):

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suck it up you dumb ****!!!

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Marleytooyou you are hella pretty!! just had to say that :)