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  snarkytruth  |  37

Never ever use discipline /punishment on a cat (or any animal) especially regarding bathroom issues. You'll only teach it to fear you and fear the act of going to the bathroom. You'll create a much worse problem. The only discipline should be on the owner to clean the litter box more often or check for constipation/urinary tract infection/kidney stone.
Did you change litter brand or type, get new boxes or another pet or guests?
If he knew better for months something has changed in his environment to cause his behavior to change. Or he just had an accident.
Good luck figuring out the why OP and getting things back on track.

Clean that bed throughly then do it again two or three times all over again.

Try putting a piece of cloth like old blanket ,towel or one of your old t shirts with your scent on his usual sleeping spot, after a week or more move it to the new bed.
If all else fails give him a cardboard box with a warm cozy blanket and call it done. (if you just can't stand the looks cover the outside in pretty paper or fabric. )

By  OhPuhleeze  |  23

Hate me if you will but I tend to see the glass as half full.. Your cat could not have used it even as litter box. Doing his business in your shoes and laundry... At least he has been trained, error somewhat?

Not a cat person so can't offer you much advice.

By  engineerosaurus  |  26

Sometimes cats do things like that if they have control issues, as can be seen with urinary tract infection or GI upset. Also possible he just doesn't understand the bed concept. Most cats I've seen don't really use beds.

By  Shay_Shay97  |  23

See, now that right there is why I will never buy expensive things for my future pets. They just don't understand. If my dog wants to sleep anywhere, he can just sleep in my bed.

You could also try to move it to another place. Some cats like higher grounds, so maybe try to put it on a cupboard or window sill if it fits. You could also try to put an old shirt of yours in there so it smells familiar. Good luck!