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Today, working in a department store, I spent at least 30 minutes helping a verbally abusive elderly woman in a wheelchair find an appropriate jacket for winter. She finally asked me to retrieve one she wanted in her size. When I returned she was in deep sleep, snoring and all. FML
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Should've "accidentally" bumped into her wheelchair. So she would have awoken.


Or OP could have put her automatic wheelchair in drive while she was asleep. Or OP could have taken her oxygen tank (if she had one) and dunked it in the toilet while asleep. Or OP could have just driven her into the mens bathroom and left her sleeping there. HOLY CRAP IM AN EVIL GENIUS!

I am so used to misspellings & bad grammar around hear that I read that as 'here' and was about to correct you.

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I think 44 meant the first hear in the sentence.

And 46 meant 44 wrote 'hear' when they should've written 'here'. Funny considering their comment.

Should've "accidentally" bumped into her wheelchair. So she would have awoken.

Christ! Getting old so isn't for sissies.... And mostly it doesn't look like much fun. **** the old ladies life!

Naaa, even old folks should and can show some respect towards other people. If someone treats me with disrespect I usually have a hard time to be respectful in return, no matter how old he or she is. I agree, getting old sucks and I can understand why some old people are frustrated. I am even willing to serve as a lightning rod for their frustration - to a point. But being a nurse I´ve met my share of old people who are just assholes, plain and simple. And I am often under the impression that those people were jerks all their life.

Your username pretty much described what were all thinking after your comment.

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Show more patience towards old people. Who knows we might be like them someday - Cranky and irritated. Now, If a teenager was verbally abusive instead, I wouldn't be that patient.

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Just because someone is old does not mean you automatically must respect them; respect is earned not given. Sorry to hear it OP, retail can be a really crappy industry sometimes

Yes sure but you must also entertain the fact that they may have a slight case of Alzheimers.

"I may have Alzheimer's but at least I don't have Alzheimer's"

You had me until the last part. It's not very good to lose patience with a customer no matter what age. But yes, I agree that sometimes we forget that the elderly have lived for a long time and might find things harder than they used to be.

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#20 I am talking about patience not respect, two different things. You don't have to respect someone automatically just coz they are old. All I am saying is I prefer to be a little patient with them since they are usually restricted by their physical and mental abilities at that age.

But there's usually a difference between an elder with mental disabilities and one that's verbally abusive. I'm 100% behind the idea of respecting and being patient with elders, but sometimes they're just old assholes.

Have you ever worked with the elderly with mental problems? They're all assholes.

Weeelll okay yeah that's sometimes true, but they usually can't help it right? So at least compared to old people who are active and willing assholes, they're better.

Put the jacket on her lap and park her in a corner behind a clothing rack.

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Then place some chairs by her & write "Elderly nap area" on a cardboard sign. That way all the old folks will be less cranky after their naps.

Couldn't you hang it behind the counter and maybe write a little note to say you found one for her, if you just popped it in her hand she would see it when she woke up. Was she alone or did she have a carer with her? If the latter then give details to the carer advising you put it aside. You never know, she might even stop being grumpy and thank you!

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Oh that was perfect... "A illiterate"... Did you do that on purpose?

Put the jacket on her and park her next to a mannequin! When someone inquires just say it's part of a new clothing line for the handicapped.

Ugh I just noticed how rash I came across. Please note, no ill will to the disabled. My best friend through childhood is permanently disabled from a gymnastics accident (he missed the mat as he came off a technique from rings) so not trying to come across hard on the handicapped.

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No need to apologize, dude. Most of us consider this a humor site, and we know you are just kidding. If I had to apologize and retract every dickish thing I wrote here, my comment count might break the Internet! :D Carry on.