By Orgasmataz - United Kingdom - Manchester
  Today, I found out that, due to the walls at my uni dorm being ridiculously thin, my entire flat overheard me lose my virginity. Spanking and all. FML
Orgasmataz tells us more :
OP here! We did have some music playing actually...I don't think my flatmates will be listening to Jake Bugg for a while haha
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  stuckintime  |  17

It's hard to be quiet for some any time let alone the first, music could help cover for the next time. Led Zeppelin, Beatles was always a good cover in the dorm, it's just a good idea anytime.

  lexiieeex3  |  32

How does it sound like this is the first time people have had sex in her dorm recently? There was no indication of that whatsoever. OP just had loud sex. And walls are thin. Pure and simple.

  Xx_Slayer_xX  |  22

Also. Considering she spoke of "Today, I discovered" or something like that. ( I forgot) that means she didn't learn it yet, duh. And that means that no one else had sex for a while, because else she would have heard it and took notice, therefore. He is correct.

Good day, hooligans.