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By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, I tried using hand sanitizer to mask the smell of my armpits at work. Not only did it intensify the stench, my boss thinks I have a drinking problem, because I vaguely smelled of alcohol. I was too embarrassed to explain. FML
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Go to the bathroom. Take off your shirt. Wash under your arms with the hand soap.


Old Spice always does the trick for me.

I got a small travel size deodorant to keep in my bag/desk in case I was half-asleep in the morning and forgot or if I feel less than fresh. Look into it OP, hygiene is good for you.

Trust me, if you smell bad and your boss thinks you have a drinking problem, the embarrassment can't possibly get worse than it already is by telling him you bit hand santizer on your armpits.

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Op could have just said he used hand sanitizer and not lied about it :/ and always remember to wear freakin deodorant

Seems like a reasonable thing to have thought, especially since it's supposedly the bacteria, not the sweat itself, that causes the odor.

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At least now they're disinfected.

This may sound weird, but I have issues with smelly arm pits myself, and after trying all the conventional methods other than surgery, I've found that a certain brand of hand sanitiser works best for me. It might sound stupid, but it works better for me than any deodorant!

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47- I didn't know that. I learned something today(:

Deodorant doesn't always work, I know this because it doesn't work for me. I have tried anti-persparint too, which also doesn't work. Even at clinical strength. The only thing that works for me is certien-dri , which burns the **** out of my armpits.

Go to the bathroom. Take off your shirt. Wash under your arms with the hand soap.

I'm saying this to fix the problem after the hand sanitizer.

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Ain't nobody got time for that.

I think if they had time to apply hand sanitizer to their armpits, they probably had time for this as well.

OP can choose to spend 5 min to wash up or OP can walk around smelling like an alcoholic who didn't shower that morning.

hah! I did this the other day >_< it only works for so long, then you have to repeat the process.

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76- If you're going to be a wannabe grammer Nazi, knowing the difference between grammer, capitalization, and punctuation helps.

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78- If you're going to correct someone correcting someone else, at least spell grammar right... But I hate grammar nazis with an unsatiable passion.

Maybe a hot shower and deodorant instead of laziness

I always carry a spare stick in my purse just for instances like that!

Or one of those days when you're just sweatier and smellier than usual...

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What is this sorcery you speak of? A shower? DEODERANT??! Proposterous.

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Does the trick at least 45% of the time. :]

All you do is go to Walgreens and get some..takes like 2 minutes!

I used to work in an industrial park. Nothing but factories around for half an hour. If I forgot anything at all I was ****** for the rest of the day. Maybe OP doesn't work anywhere near a Walgreens. I know there aren't any in my part of Canada.

Just be stinky. It's nice to have a job, you know.

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I don't know, nor care where you are from, but in my parts, we take showers regularly... Along with the use of deodorant, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc. Try personal hygiene for starters. Results may vary, but in most cases, they stay the same.

Perhaps they did shower in the morning and did put on deodorant, but they were working so hard the deodorant didn't work as well as it usually does with a lighter work load. Why are you assuming they're unhygienic?

Yeah it could also be humid, or OP sweats a lot. I shower twice a day and use the exfoliator thing. I was sweating like a hog all summer. But I do keep some deodorant in my office for that reason.

Some people always stink of sweat no matter how hygienic they are.

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There's also the possibility they just forgot to use deodorant that one day. It happens.