By jpmetz - 26/09/2011 04:29 - United States

Today, my credit card got blocked. Apparently, my bank thinks buying a $130 flat iron online is suspicious. FML
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Hopefully, the problem got ironed out.


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a flat iron.. damn, that's suspicious activity

indielove 13

$130 for a flat iron? That's kind of expensive considering you can find a good one for less than $50.

I know I'll get thumbed down for this, but being a Brit.. What on earth is a flat iron?

you_and_me_fml 8

29- a magical, heated device that frys your hair, oh and it makes it strait in the process

mrlopez 13

Dear, a flat iron doesn't frys your hair and makes it strait. However it straightens out your hair making it beautiful :)

You should do what I do; take a blowtorch and two pieces of corrugated iron, heat the iron untill red hot, then quickly run hair through it. Good luck, hun

In another country* (iPhone autocorrect fail)

guckylynn 19

Actually it may seem suspicious because banks watch out for activity that isn't normal. Like spending a lot at once online. It's also not that hard to call the company and verify it was you so they take the lock off your account.

32 so a flat iron is a straightener?

fromthesuck 8

75- actually yes it can be hard when you live on the other side of the world and have to go all day without eating because your card has been blocked before you can call the bank 9 hours behind. And I'm sure someone will say "well then get a closer bank" so if you want to trust a german with your money be my guest.

dcaruso 1

it makes sense actually. I work for a bank and online purchases often come up as suspicious. the main reason being that the company is located outside your comfort zone - and the card transaction is being processed outside of city/state/province or even country - which is one of the things we look for - apart from large transactions and many back to back transactions as well. its for your security and ours as well. a simple call of a few minutes will fix the situation. :)

It's not suspicious, it's just way too much to pay for a flat iron. Go to Walmart and get one for under 50. The expensive ones don't make that much of a difference.

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122: actually, I got one for about 45 at a rite aid and it works like jesus, and it lasted longer than my friends extremly expensive one. so not always

Still a big herpaderp on the companys part

I know someone who can make a bomb out of that.

Hunny the heat from the flat iron can fry your hair.

Maybe it was one of those crazy japanese flat irons.

Anything over 10 bucks for your hair is ridiculous

Unless you get your hair cut at the mental institutions, most haircuts are over $10

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If ten dollars is your limit for buying hair stuff then all you could buy would be a clip and a dog brush.

tylersign 11

Tell that to scene kids. We spend well, welllllll over 10 dollars on hair xD

It's actually pretty cheap. Good quality ones generally go for $180 around here.

yeah i paid 140 for mine. drug store flat irons kill your hair even more than expensive ones.

CuteDumBlonde64 11

I paid $150 for mine! And I got it on sale! Trust me it's worth the money. 100% ceramic and using it did cut down on da damage done to my hair from the store bought irons.... Good bye split ends ;)

It wasn't the cost of the flat iron that they deemed suspicious, it's the fact that she normally buys butt plugs and bondage gear on her credit card. The hair straightener just seemed so out of character.

daydreamer244 13

some flat irons can be up to 400 bucks, but me I stick with the 10$ ones from walmart. :)

My flat iron was twice as much as hers and I've had it for over 5 year. You have to spend more to get the best.

Not really, my moms is worth like $600!!!!! But she got it for $200 cuz my aunt is a hairdresser so she gets discounts at the store my mom bought it at!!!!

172: oh my god exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡ For me, a $30 straightener (or flat iron, whatever you prefer) and a $10 thing of heat protection spray are just as good as a $140 straightener.

It kinda is expensive for a flat iron. I'd find it suspicious.

$130 is very reasonable for a flat iron, actually.

#107 Really? I paid $30 for mine. Not that it's a great flat iron, but you can flat irons for fairly cheap. You can probably even buy decent flat irons for under $130.

And 108's hair doesn't even look bad!

you dont make sure your improvised weapons are premium quality? seriously, how can a bank do that with no real evidence?

phoenixslayer69 4

Hopefully, the problem got ironed out.

One time the bank frezed my account because I was in Guatamoala...

I was going to say that she went to a country and doesn't even know how to spell it, but that too.

No, I was making a statement and the that came naturally. ;)

Yeah your suposed to call your credit card company before you travel out the coutry so they know its you otherwise they freeze it.

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Sounds a little suspicious to me.

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Watch OP be a guy. That wouldn't be unusual at all. "I swear I was, um, buying it for a friend!"

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$130 isn't THAT bad for a flat iron. I've seen some really good ones that have cost up to almost 300!

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I can tell you know your flat irons haha your hair is beautiful

stacianichole 2

Unless you're a hair stylist, no one "needs" to spend that much on a flat iron. They just damage the hell out of hair to the point where you need to use it to make your hair look decent.

You obviously haven't had to deal with naturally curly hair

...More expensive flat irons damage your hair less, typically, and it's a big reason why women are willing to spend a lot.

#56. I feel your pain. They don't understand what people with naturally curly hair go through.

16: You said i can tell you know flat irons haha your hair is beautiful . It's not even her in the picture! It's a pic of an amazing singer named Jasmine Villegas :)

56: me too i have long curly hair! It takes me 3 hours to straighten it !!!! -.-

Burr520 3

There looking out for u, but they never block the **** payments

I don't know about that. My account just froze yesterday because of some ****. I think when a purchase is made outside of your country it sends up a red flag. OP, all you have to do is call your company and confirm the purchase. They should unfreeze it immediately.

You can get a good flat iron for about $40 so yeah, I'm not that surprised that your bank thought that was suspicious.

Correction: You can get a shitty flat iron for $40.

Um since when? Unless your hair is perfect to begin with, a $40 flat iron is USELESS