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By  SecundusSecunda  |  27

What goes through a persons mind and metaphorical heart in order to say that?
My worker just had an emergency surgical procedure, let me make his life hell by threatening to fire him if he doesn't come to work tomorrow. Logic.

  thisguy22  |  33

That's not a good idea... It would tell his bosses boss, if he has one, that he is the one who makes everything run smoothly and therefore he would be the one to receive future raises, position advancements, ETC.

It would be better if this employee had a more efficient day without his bosses direction.

By  Geckosrock99  |  33

Take a screen shot of that. Make sure the dates and times of all texts are available. Also make sure his phone number is part of what's there. He can't say someone else texted you that then, OP. Keep all of that if he fires you so you can take it to HR. What your boss said and plans on doing sounds highly illegal.

  writergirl1029  |  17

Also make sure you keep all your paperwork from the hospital and let them know the situation. Your attending physician will write you a note saying you shouldn't be at work for "X" amount of time to recover. I was nearly fired earlier this year for a similar situation, but I worked with HR and kept my job.