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Today, my boyfriend called me from a payphone because he lost his phone at the airport. When I texted his phone to get a response from someone who stole it [because it was still on whenever I called], I received a message back saying, "Love the pics. Send more ;]" FML
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By  Bauer_fml  |  0

@ Zuz (#2)

Don't people back that stuff up on their computers so if their MOBILE phone get's lost/stolen, they won't have to worry about the thief seeing them pictures?

By  vmarsbars  |  0

I agree with #6. While I'm sure it is mortifying that someone else saw them, at least they think you look hot :) So don't let it bother you and just be flattered!

By  magis00  |  0

11 & 19, there are numerous "invasion of privacy" decisions that come down in favor of protecting "private" interests when there is a legit expectation of privacy: if your electrician plants a webcam in "the marital bedroom" or bathroom, if someone creepy spies on you in your backyard that's fenced-in vs. on your front porch ... could def make the argument that by forcing this chiquita to post on FML and tell her story to buhzillions of us, not to mention starting a website starring her, etc etc who knows what else ... thief guy invaded her privacy, caused outrageous emotional distress, etc. Absolutely. Plus, what sleazy tort lawyer wouldn't want to represent her babeliness and check out the evidence? ;)