By Anonymous - 04/01/2011 07:12 - United Kingdom

Today, I discovered after four hours of vomiting that it is very much possible to vomit so hard you can't help but shit in your trousers. My boyfriend is currently staying over, too. FML
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nicknesser 0

Hey maybe he's into that shit.


aaaah how romantic in before "what a shitty day" and other puns ;)

godlybacon 5

Indeed, that's a sticky situation.

hm I smell something funny about this. :D

HaloReachIsCool 6

You know what they say... *puts on sunglasses* Shit Happens!

You know what they say... *puts on sunglasses* Shut up. lol

perdix 29

He must be pretty desperate if he stays while you are puking all over the place and ******** yourself. He's either hopelessly in love or some scat-vomit fetish weirdo. A normal guy would have gone home or checked into a nearby hotel until you got your bowels in check.

FYLDeep 25

It's just a shame he didn't have a cup ready when she was about to lose control of her bowels. They could have re-enacted his favorite 2g1c scene.

romano07 0

that's some serious shit ya got there! =/

I got sick like that before I know how that must suck I was on the toilet all night with a bucket in my lap.

Same. Hope your tummy feels better OP! :)