By anonymous - 24/05/2016 03:41 - United States - Manchester

Today, I got put in a speech impediment class because apparently I have a lisp. No, my tongue is just swollen, and I can't talk very well because of it. I've talked normally for the past 17 years. FML
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The leath they could do wath ath if your tongue wath ok.

How did your tongue get swollen? At least tell us.

I'm guessing op had an allergic reaction to something. or bit their tongue too hard

Or got a tongue piercing, perhaps? If they're in high school they could be of age for that.

That sucks, I'm sorry OP. Crazy that you'd be put in a class for having a swollen tongue. Has it been swollen for a while? I hope things get better for you.

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Where the hell did you pull that up from? Nowhere in this FML states that OP got a tongue piercing and has a swollen tongue because of it.

Prove to them it's not a lisp go and chant them the "sally sells seashells by the sea shore" song.

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I have a lisp, specifically with s/sh words when said back to back, so this specific tongue twister is my personal hell.

That thuckth (sucks). I'd jutht wait it out, but thatth jutht me.

Did you try to explain but they didn't understand? Just seen this on Bob's Burgers. Maybe someone can translate lol

I'm kinda concerned that your teachers are dumb enough to not realize that it's a temporarily swollen young...