By thatgirl - Canada - Richmond
  Today, my boyfriend took me to get the abortion that we both agreed on. He was being so supportive through the whole thing. When it was all over I thanked him for coming. He replied, "Well that's what got us here in the first place!" He's still mad he can't tell anyone his joke. FML
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Pulling out is actually about 75% effective if you do it right (I know people will just down vote this, but look it up). Though of course most people don't, and it just isn't worth risking.

  Bismuth92  |  11

@#93, no, the odds are given over a 1 year period. So if 100 couples use only that method for a year, 25 of them will get pregnant. For couples using no birth control at all, it is 85%. So, it's not a very good method, but it's much better than you're making it out to be.

By  sonasonic  |  34

Wow you're lucky you didn't bear the chold of someone this immature and inappropriate.

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

Except that humor isn't everyone's coping mechanism. Even if someone decides to get an abortion, it can be very trying and very emotional, especially for the woman. If that's how he copes with it, that's fine, but he shouldn't do it towards OP since she clearly doesn't share this way of coping. Don't act like she's being unreasonable.

  capper44  |  18

#22 & #31, But it doesn't say anywhere that she didn't like the humor/joke. As all it says is that her bf is mad for not going to be able to tell that joke to anyone.

Which btw hats off, was a nice 'comeback'..

  nix1993  |  41

#50 I got the impression more that they weren't telling people about the abortion, so the joke wouldn't make sense to anyone. Not that she had a problem with the joke itself.


As a Canadian, I have never heard of British Columbia having an association with incest. Saskatchewan and my province Alberta, yes, but not B.C, they have more of a tree hugging reputation.