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Today, I wore a dress that I bought last weekend to work, thinking how I liked it and it fitted me perfectly, until someone at work told me that I was actually wearing a nightie. FML
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Valentine_Beauty 5

Hi yeah i know a lot of ya'll are thinking of how dumb am i to wear a nightie and not know the difference..for one thing, it was sold with other dresses and no it's not see through, it actually has an underskirt and the reason my colleague commented was due to the lacy neckline.. and i actually paired it off with a slacks and a cardigan, so no, i'm not working in a brothel though that made me LOL...people can have the silliest idea.. i'm still a bit convinced it's a dress, but nevertheless i'm not wearing it out any more.. cheers!

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perdix 29

Just tell Victoria to keep it a secret. Maybe no one else will notice.


With a comment like this one.. Sucks to be you as well.

As long as your comfortable and what you wearing makes you feel good about yourself then I say go for it. don't let anyone ruin your day.

25 - you're. Damn I'm usually good about those too.

#1- Really, OP posted this because she thinks her life sucks? Hmm, I always thought that "FML" stood for "Fancy Mother Lobster." I would've never figured that out without you.

Why does everyone bitch about first comment? It used to be a freaking race and now everyone just ends up bashing first comment for it's lack of creativity. Let's leave things be and comment on the FML.

25 In most cases I would agree with you. If she was out enjoying the day and some random person commented then who cares, at least she feels good about herself and since the OP thought it was a dress I'd be willing to assume it isn't all lace and super short. The problem I see is that she wore it to work. There is no way that wearing a nighty to work is o.k, she should've went home to change right away.

damn. I don't understand why everyone is so anal. it's just a comment. sucks to be her. wearing night time clothes thinking it was daytime clothing. not a big deal. everyone needs to just go get a life and get of FML.

I think you need a life coming back to defend your own comment not once but twice even though it sucked.

SenselessPattern 12

43# I mentioned something like that on a previous FML and was thumbed down. After being thumbed down I became a manic depressant. When I became a manic depressant, I tried to OD on sweet tarts because I was too poor to buy real pills. After eating 500 metric tons of candy, I became a diabetic. Don't become a diabetic. Switch to Love My Life (LML) where there is only a thumbs up and double thumbs up button now.

truckdriver321 3

Haha oh nice one. We all haven't heard that one before...

you guys are just mad because I got first comment.

43, the reason this comment is getting bashed is because it sucks. If it was the 20th comment, it would still get bashed. There is no need to make comments like "your life sucks" and "sucks to be you" because this entire site is about people who's lives suck.

Eliseopwns 22

She probably could, but I think a sailor could do it better :/

chell1894 13

Hey, some night shirts are so damn fancy now in days that I am tempted to wear them as a regular shirt.

This FML reminds me of that episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. When Rachel goes to dinner with some guy, and his family in a nightie, because she was caught at her boyfriends parents house in one, and had to pretend that it was the new fad.

Tookie22 5

I'm a guy and I can tell the difference...

Kn0wledge123 21

I thought the same thing. Seriously how can someone NOT know that?...

Some nighties do look like dresses, especially high end ones. I have a few I could pull off as a dress.

69, that's very true, some do look more like a dress rather than lingerie.

ABrokenHeart 11

A sort of situation happened to me, I bought a cover over at a store and I thought it was a dress. I didn't notice it wasn't a dress until I got home.

juturnaamo 29

Because this is what fashion has come to. Women wear as little as possible at all times.

It is a major generalization, I'm in 9th grade, half of my female friends dress naked, and me and the other half cover every inch possible.

Says the girl who's miming *********** in her pic. :D

Men happened. I mean the reason girls feel uncomfortable and feel like they need to show more skin is because of society. Did you ever notice men are in charge of things like Victoria's Secret fashion shows? Girls are constantly being compared to one another and feel the need to dress less conservatively because then they will be noticed more.

Hey 72, I get it, you probably got dumped because you were perfect and yet he still thought otherwise so all men are evil perverted pigs. But please, not all guys are the same, and it's not like you don't have a choice of what to wear either. So, kindly stfu, and get back in the damn kitchen.

87- says the girl that didn't read 5's profile which clearly says "Miss".

87, you need glasses. Its pretty obvious I'm a girl...and how do you even know which one is me in the picture? That's right, ya don't!

87 - Well if we're going by pictures - you must be Jared Leto with a terrible hair-do.

Its ok Op, sometimes it happens. And as #2 said watever float ur boat, it RocKs :)

Gives you an excuse to finally sleep at work.

Ks22 4

Did you not realize that when you bought it from the sleep ware/lingerie section?

Maybe a different customer put it in the wrong section and didn't feel like putting it back in its place. It happens. I work in retail and customers tend to leave clothing anywhere if they don't want it anymore.

lacespace 8

Could've been on a sale rail mixed in with other clothes.

lacespace 8

Oh dammit. Okay I reread. It was not a gift. She was obviously was just stoned out of her mind or suffering a concussion of sorts.

Are you sure that's not you instead, 55?

She'd have to be to come to THAT conclusion.

lacespace 8

Thats so Ravens up in here. Why yes I'm quite stoned thank you for noticing.

Wear that shit anyway! As long as its not see through, no one has to know. You may want to wear something under/with it just in case.

I don't know it for a fact, but the FML seems to imply it was see through...

Not really. Not all nighties are see through, and she could be surprised that she almost wore lingerie outside.

If it was see through there is no way the OP would think it was a dress.

This sounds like something I'd accidentally do.