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Smart man indeed, reminds me off the time me and samuel l jackson went on a double date. the girl started crying and he slammed her head into the table and killed her. true story

  KingDingALing  |  9

That reminds me of another funny story. I got high with Wee Man from Jackass and we thought of something funny to do. We put on the KKK outfit and walked around the mall yelling "Black power!"
True story.

By  637R4YP3D  |  5

You deserved it. I'm sensing a history of psychotic episodes on your part. Otherwise, your boyfriend would not feel the need to break up with you in a public place.

  Anon9002  |  0

Indeed, I believe most well inform guys would know that's a psycho girlfriend counter-measure. I don't think there's a reason for a guy to break up in public places unless the girlfriend is a psycho.

OP, if you're a psycho, YDI; Else, dump that paranoid/crazy boyfriend of yours first.

  22cute  |  17

Or...if he had any feelings for her he would be more compassionate. I'm sensing a boy who's only in it for the sex & is not decent enough to maintain a real relationship. DUH

By  perdix  |  29

That's a common tactic.

You ought to wear a bomb belt and tell your boyfriend you'll detonate it if he breaks up with you. That's the way to keep a fella.


right? look, if he's gonna break up with you, who cares how he does it? eff him and move on. no point worrying about how your dick boyfriend is going to hypothetically break up with you

  AlexBuda  |  0

I know I already posted but I just wanted to say( and please don't cry) that if your boyfriend already has the breakup planned your relationship is probably going to fail.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Agreed. OP must have a history of crying in every argument. It's not very smart of him though since it would be giving the drama queen a bigger audience.

Anyway, he's a jerk. Leave him now, OP, so neither of you have to worry about the logistics.