By imscrewed - / Wednesday 29 July 2009 19:32 / United States
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  Ribenalion  |  2

Not a massive coincidence, the odds of 2 people having the same birthday are a LOT higher than you would expect - http://www.damninteresting.com/the-birthday-paradox
In fact the odds of 2 in 23 people having the same birthday is 50%
So if he knows 23 girls the chances of one sharing a birthday with his girlfriend is 50% thus meaning its just a little bit unlucky.

Also he's a douche. Dump him and find someone better.

  honeydoodles  |  0

If he knows 23 girls, that is the probability that he knows more than one girl with the same birthday, not the probability that he knows a girl who shares a birthday with any particular one of those girls, in this case his girlfriend.


so am i the only one that understands that his ex-but-still-friends would have to be a lesbian since the OP mentions having a boyfriend which would make his ex-but-still-friends a girl (assuming of course he wasn't gay before.) But then the OP adds girlfriend to the end of ex-but-still-friends which would mean it was a girls party which would make those two lesbians. Either this was made up or you made a typo.

  Puolukka  |  4

Huh?! OP said that her BOYfriend was going to birthday party. The person hosting the party is his ex-GIRLfriend who he's still friends with...and the OP is also a girl...

I don't see any lesbianism anywhere...lol...

  Manicomio  |  0

Not really sure if this is real or not but exes sharing b-days isn't so far fetched. I have three ex's that were all born Dec. 7th and I went out with them in a row...

  carobug  |  6

It wasn't a typo. The "girlfriend's" part made it more specific. The apostrophe 's' adds possession, saying it's the party of his ex-girlfriend who is still his friend. Yupp.