By imscrewed - 29/07/2009 19:32 - United States

Today, my boyfriend told me he was going out tonight to celebrate his ex-but-still-friends-girlfriend's birthday at a local club and hopes I wasn't offended that I wasn't invited. I sure am offended; we have the same birthday. FML
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yeah are you sure he's your boyfriend?


Not a massive coincidence, the odds of 2 people having the same birthday are a LOT higher than you would expect - In fact the odds of 2 in 23 people having the same birthday is 50% So if he knows 23 girls the chances of one sharing a birthday with his girlfriend is 50% thus meaning its just a little bit unlucky. Also he's a douche. Dump him and find someone better.

i think he ment you idiot he just broke up with YOU.

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If he knows 23 girls, that is the probability that he knows more than one girl with the same birthday, not the probability that he knows a girl who shares a birthday with any particular one of those girls, in this case his girlfriend.

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so am i the only one that understands that his ex-but-still-friends would have to be a lesbian since the OP mentions having a boyfriend which would make his ex-but-still-friends a girl (assuming of course he wasn't gay before.) But then the OP adds girlfriend to the end of ex-but-still-friends which would mean it was a girls party which would make those two lesbians. Either this was made up or you made a typo.

Huh?! OP said that her BOYfriend was going to birthday party. The person hosting the party is his ex-GIRLfriend who he's still friends with...and the OP is also a girl... I don't see any lesbianism

Not really sure if this is real or not but exes sharing b-days isn't so far fetched. I have three ex's that were all born Dec. 7th and I went out with them in a row...

It wasn't a typo. The "girlfriend's" part made it more specific. The apostrophe 's' adds possession, saying it's the party of his ex-girlfriend who is still his friend. Yupp.

djb23 0

yeah are you sure he's your boyfriend?

Ouch that sucks, what were you doing for your birthday tho? maybe hers was more fun?

Why should it matter if the other girl's birthday was going to be more fun?

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He's HER boyfriend more than he is YOUR boyfriend. Kick him to the curb.

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