By allocomrade - United States
Today, my wife told me she wanted a divorce. She also confessed that she has been cheating on me with my best friend for 10 years. I appreciated the honesty, but was slightly upset considering we have only been married for 9 years. FML
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By  Luckster  |  0

ouch, man!!

This is what makes me happy to be a nerd in love with a nerd--less chances of cheating and heartbreak happening anytime soon.

I hope you're still young enough to find a new gal. If not--it might be better to just live on your own.

  tenkenshi  |  2

sorry, just because she's a nerd doesn't decrease the chance of cheating. Being a better bf and making her feel happy in the relationship does. Although that's still not good enough for some people, just some though. Not trying to jinx you or anything, just saying.

  Luckster  |  0

I'm a girl.

And trust me, he wracks his brain to make sure I'm plenty happy enough, even though it doesn't take much to make me happy. Plus, he's aware that most of the women in our age group, in our area, are sex and money addicts that don't care for sentimental things and would dump him the moment they knew he had a video game console collection and every series of Star Trek on DVD.

  plexico  |  3

You could be right, but if the nerd is not bisexual, the risk of him acquiring HIV from one girl and giving it to another is vanishingly small.

Is he using condoms with either or both girls?

Unless there are some things we don't know (IV drug use, bisexuality), ignorance is bliss.

  JFox  |  8

I'm a nerd who dated a nerd. I didn't cheat on him, but I did break up with him because he was emotionally shut off from me. Yes, he was "nice" in the sense that he wasn't an asshole, but whenever I was hurting, he would close off and back away and it just hurt me more. Nice isn't always enough and nerds aren't always the best boy/girlfriends.

  AAADDD  |  0

#94 Indiana, I was typing that just as I saw that post. That's what I was thinking!! So she was cheating WITH him, not ON him. Not much better but, personally I'd rather be the cheated with then the cheated on.

Ps I can't believe fmls like this are on along with ones about small emberrassing situations.seems like A pretty large scale to me


It's got nothing to do with being a nerd or not. If you're rubbish at picking up girls (which a lot of nerds are), then even if you WANTED to cheat, you might have a difficult time of it. I think that would be the most pathetic thing ever- failing at infidelity.

  grayh123  |  0

I think he was serious about the slightly upset. To me, the OP knows exactly what's what in life.

And that is that people change, there are ups and downs of it.

I think the OP realizes that people do get bored and want a divorce, and is only slightly upset BECAUSE she decided to marry him AFTER she was cheating on him. Meaning she did it for a reason, such as money or a place to stay or...something.

If it were 9 years, it wouldn't be as bad.

Granted, getting cheated on (or divorce for that matter) is NEVER good

9 years of cheating and 9 years of marriage or
10 years of cheating and 9 years of marriage.

The first being the lesser of two evils.

To the OP, if what I think about you is correct, I do have to say you are a genius, atleast when it comes to this magical little thing we've come to call "life" ;)

Hope you find someone worth your life.

Because the world needs you.

By  weinerdog  |  2

I hope you told them both to f*ck right off. They deserve each other, and you deserve better. Soon enough the miserable idiots will be cheating on each other and continuing the cycle of loserness.

  caffrinn  |  0

wow, your an ass.. it doesn't mean he's a dipshit, it means he trusted his wife and best friend and isn't a suspicious clingy asshole like a lot of men.

  BLNovelist  |  0

I like how if someone doesn't notice their SO is cheating immediately, they are considered a dip shit on this website.

TO OP - so sorry. Kick her out and 'dump' them both. You do not need that type of garbage in your life.

  krisskrossed  |  5

You're a complete ass. Have you thought he couldn't help the fact that he trusted her with his heart, or maybe that his best friend had, and she screwed both of them? The only logical explanation for her to have cheated on him for ten years would be for her to have a relationship with his friend, and then cheat on him with OP. Ten years of that. Wow.