By BooBabe - 04/06/2012 23:50 - United States - Denver

Today, my boyfriend proposed to me in a restaurant in front of a lot of people. Once I said yes, some guy yelled out, "SEX. SEX. SEX." My boyfriend yelled back, "LATER!" FML
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A beautiful and moving story to tell the kids when they're older. :') Congrats on the future wedding, OP.


8- Lol, were the first five words of your comment really necessary?

25- I guess that's better in comparison to the typing habits of some of the other people on this site. I'll keep that in mind.

A beautiful and moving story to tell the kids when they're older. :') Congrats on the future wedding, OP.

You should have got your husband and the guy shouting a room then haha

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So.... did you say yes?

It says in the FML that she said yes. READ MAN, READ!

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5- holy shit... how did i miss that?

And that, children, is why you never mess with the time space continuum. It screws us all.

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. I still fail to understand how this is a FML, most marriage FML's involve either one saying no.

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I think you should start kickin' it. ;) if you know what I mean.

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So, you're getting married, AND you're getting laid tonight?? I fail to see the FML :P

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How... gentlemanly... he is...

You're getting married and you haven't had sex together? I'm not sure if I'm interpreting the story correctly... But congrats on your engagement OP!

I don't see where it actually implies they have never had sex.

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^ I was thinkin' the same thing...

I saw a comment that referred to OP and her fiancé needing to start getting it on, and I completely got confused. My bad. I understand now. :)

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How is that bad? Sounds pretty funny

Is it just me or is that a really weird thing to yell out at an engagement?

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It doesn't say he "yelled out" the engagement. They were in a restaurant, chances are people are goin' to over hear others' conversations.