By Chan - 26/09/2011 01:57 - United States

Today, I spilled hot coffee all over this man at work. I tried apologizing and saying it was an accident, but he then complained, which resulted in me being unemployed. The man I spilled coffee on was my uncle. FML
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Wow nice uncle you got

flakitaa22 0

Nice uncle you got there .


flakitaa22 0

Nice uncle you got there .

Nooo u took my comment ;(

nater535 7

Family connections for the lose?

cruxx 0

And you got fired for that...? -____-

LiyIa_fml 8

Go to your uncles works and get him fired... :)

YourEvilHero 12

am I the only one who thinks she shouldn't have been fired over this

What a douchebag.

Oh so this is what family is for? I must have been confused.

What a fucker.

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Uncle Fucker...

a_nutritionist 10

this is when you unload every single bit of shit you can on your uncle. youre in his social network, start meddling and have some fun. by the way, people dont get fired for making one clumsy accident, you were probably just a shit employee.

what an influential uncle!

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51 I lol'd

bfsd42 20

70, If everyone who lol'd decided to tell the fml world about their chuckles, imagine how much more fun these comments would be. (sarcasm) Please keep your lol's to yourself.

He could have been new to the place.

Wow nice uncle you got

Sorry man you were 10 seconds to late. Now it just looks like you stole 1s comment

I know rite after i sent it i saw the first comment and i was like fuuuuuuck

I'll give you a thumbs up for it anyways. :)

Note you have more +thumbs than #1, it must be the wow factor :)

Well, he did said wow

jellitonoctopus 19

You would think a family member would try to stick up for you huh?

trust no one... that's the first thing you learn as a Panda

slushpup9696 12

What is the second thing?

a_nutritionist 10

@55 dont shit where you eat.

Kill any chinamen before they kill you for kung pou panda?

That's awful, especially coming from family. FYL :(

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never trust your family members, they usually want to be better than you

22cute 17

Wow, that's really sad. I'm sorry life has taught you that.

I'm sorry that you still believe in unicorns

Melisso 4

What an ass.

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He probably has a "hot" Okay. :(

TPendleton218 2

lol :)

Wow, that is uncalled for, especially from a family member.

megapeyt 17

What a prick

How the fuck he/she deserve's it, self righteous prick?

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Your face matches your comment!

bfsd42 20

Go on #24, feed the troll. And calm down too. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.