By Official_Person - 02/06/2010 21:31 - United States

Today, I got married. My new husband wanted to carry me over the threshold of our apartment, but he couldn't pick me up. FML
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Aww. Either you're fat or he's wimpy. Good one....

Someone's a bi..*cough*


Aww. Either you're fat or he's wimpy. Good one....

he's just not strong enough, OP!

Your Fat, or your husband needs to hit the gym

That's exactly what post #1 said. Way to be redundant.

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aww I bet that ruined the moment :( well congrats on getting married :)

here's a solution: you both can workout simple! a n t I f l o o d g o d I e haha error error error

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in soviet Russia, you carry husband over threshold of barn.

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your life sucks for getting married.

#11 are you talking about me?

I would say it's equally tragic getting married and moving into an apartment

says the guy who can't afford a haircut, nor has anyone that can take a picture for him.

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not everyone has the finances to buy a home right away, wreckem :( and some people prefer apartments, I suppose.

YDI for being fat or having a wimpy boyfriend :)

remember all those times you super sized your extra value meal?? yeah, that's why he couldn't carry you

Haha this reminds me of Shallow Hal :) OP just pick him up!

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I would prefer having an apartment starting out. They have the rest of their lives to buy a bigger place.

I predict a boring sex life

I smell a wedding gift of a buy one get one free gym membership :)

Great Beginning Memories. To your marridge. haha FYL. I suggest you and your husband hit the gym!

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someone get the flatbed!!

ok this is NOT an fml ur just got married atleast ur husband isn't an ass u shouldn't be complaining about ur weight or his strength bcuz u married him for other reasons not his strength and he didn't marry u for ur weight this is toootally not an fml

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redundents a funny word

48 No offense but you probably shouldn't be making fat jokes.

I'm not fat I'm big boned!!!

^^ ahahahahahahahaha calm down Eric lmfao

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romskiies! youu blocked me so I can't send yuu messages anymore :/

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Damn Straight Jess!! :)

Maybe you'd prefer a box under the bridge with a rat? To each their own. Some people prefer apartments & condos over houses- if they don't like the place in a few months for whatever reason, riding out a lease is way easier than selling a home-& if they like it, they can opt to buy it in their lease. Ah, what the hell- you probably never left the nest so none of this makes sense to you.

shxt sorry Vanessa I use my itouch to reply haha at work right now so I'll unblock you later when I'm at work lol :D

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wow you must be really fat

well either you need to loose weight or he needs to gain muscle. gym membership perhaps?

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then don't get fat

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Today, I got married. I tried to lift my wife over the threshold of our new apartment, but she was too fat. FML

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Sounds like OP's husband is a little bitch. Even if she is fat, most women aren't over 300. Every man should be able to deadlift at least 315, imho.

yes! being a personal trainer pays off! and my wife is only like 120 soaking wet

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Your hair is pretty. xD

Op you need that thing that the grandma bought in the other fml!

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why does everyone think she's fat maybe the husband needs to hit the gym.....

... so is he weak or are you huge? I don't normally say this, but I think we need more info to determine FYL or YDI.

Wreckem I'm a nurse and make enough money for a house, but I wouldn't have time to manage it with all my crazy shifts. If you walked into my apartment- you wouldn't be using the word tragic. Your comment was snobby and pretentious. And OP- the real FML is that you got married.

actually, they're only like that for the cameras but I don't mind. these girls are in the band t.a.t.u.

OR maybe she's just taller than him? its not a bad thing, really.

Posting on FML the day you get married? Don't you have more important things to be doing?

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awww at least he tried

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ydi for gettin married.

wtf is wrong with you

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I would be so sad if my fiancé couldn't pick me up. That sucks op.

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I agree :(

don't you just hate those fat bitches. they are the WORST

two words: lose. weight. fattty patty

Someone's a bi..*cough*

LmFao.... ur pretty big I feel sorry

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awww that sucks! maybe..... you two can work out together, to get him stronger and you thinner (if need be)! :) i bet he still loves you!

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Look on the bright side, you are married.