By SpeakerPhone - 14/11/2009 17:31 - France

Today, in a big meeting, my secretary calls me saying that I have an important call waiting. I put the call through. It was my beautician, confirming my appointment to get rid of an ingrown hair. I hurriedly confirm and hang up to see everyone in the room giggling. The speaker phone was on. FML
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Does that stand for " You Totally Fucking Deserved It Mate"?

haha YTFDIM for leaving speakerphone on.


haha YTFDIM for leaving speakerphone on.

Does that stand for " You Totally Fucking Deserved It Mate"?

Sounds fun. Good to always let everyone know about your personal business.

haha sucker :p yes and 3rd is the highest ive gotten :)

Speaker phones gitten me in trouble big time before. Sorry bout that though. Next time pick up the receiver dude.

Completely agreed. OP must be pretty stuck up if they can't take care of themselves and rely on others to do simple things. _______________________________

Maybe she really just can't reach it. And why would you care so much about one ingrown hair? Unless it's like on your head and three centimetres long.

You deserve it for having a secretary

Ewww your icky.

An big meeting? It's "a big meeting"

the OP said "IN a big meeting" NOT "AN big meeting"

Sorry, I fixed it. It did say "in an meeting".

What's with all the ingrown hair FML posts? Everyone turning into werewolves?? haha.

how didn't you realize it was on speakerphone? that's stupid.

That darn ingrown hair screwed up a your date, now it's messing with your work! Witchcraft and I have a friendly debate going on whether it is an advantage to have that thing close to Uranus.