By Oli974 - 22/10/2015 13:08 - France - N?ves-parmelan

Today, it's job interview day. In the elevator on the way there, I overheard potential candidates talking about the boss of the company, mocking his alleged lack of credibility. Who's the boss? Me. They don't know that yet. FML
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I can't wait to read their FMLs when they find out.

Mackade 18

Bring it up during the interview using their wording.


Mackade 18

Bring it up during the interview using their wording.

CliffyB03 28

So I've read your resume and it says here you think I'm an "idiot who you don't understand how I passed college" to elaborate?

I uh... Umm... Whoops!

I wouldn't even do that, I'd have just turned to them in the elevator and told them to leave

Yes! I need a follow up so OP can tell us how sassy they were to the candidates.

I can't wait to read their FMLs when they find out.

NotGabe 28

I hope the OP gives a follow up.

I agree, a follow up would be nice, too talk about how they reacted when they hear that op heard what they said

they did make an FML. I read it on the moderation

I wonder who'll be changing their story very soon

Guess you know who's not getting a job.

jentrynicole 20

And this is why you never talk bad about any part of the company while you're actually there.

Or, on social media.

askullnamedbilly 33

Don't think of it as idiots badmouthing you behind your back, think of it as the universe giving you the opportunity to deliver some sweet, sweet karma. I'd honestly pay to see their faces when they figure it out.

Me too. Well, depending on how much, because I'm broke. Btw OP, are you still hiring?

If it happened to me, I would be so damn glad. Ahh, imagine the smug look on OP's face when those bastards walk in for their interviews

What goes around comes around - as they say. I really hope OP made them feel really embarrassed and uncomfortable during that interview. Otherwise karmic retribution will have hit them some other time, surely.

Just wait until they see you, in your office, no need for you to bring it up you'll see it in their facial expressions.

Don't hire them and say who is credible now?

Deny those btches

This is one of those FMLs that is complete with a follow-up.

And the follow up was illustrated. And beautiful.