By Misterhippo - 02/09/2009 00:04 - United States

Today, my best friend thought it would be funny push me off my bike. He thought it was even funnier when the paramedic accidentally dropped me. FML
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That's when you get the hospital to tell your friend you died of blood loss when they busted your main vein with the IV in your wrist. Then at 12:00 midnight bang on his door and scream loudly when he opens it.


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Wow this sounds like my little brother.Lol. Well I think this justifies beating his ass when you recover!Make sure and record it and post online so we can all laugh.

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I don't think that this is possibly true. A paramedic came when you fell off of your bike? Please. I'm pretty sure that they have other people with real accidents to care for.

You don't know what happened. For all we know, he coudld've been pushed down a hill or something. He could have hit his head on the concrete, which you WILL need to go to the hospital for. :/

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#68, I appreciate your existance.

i fell off my bike and broke my leg, my wrist, my nose and cracked my head, so.. i think that justifies a parameedic

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Since you obviously don't know, ambulance come for anything you call for. If you call them, they come. I was on an "emergency call" one day and guess what the "emergency" was? A refusal from a woman who called because she had a headache. Ppl call for the dumbest things.

My friend fell off her bike and rolled down a steep hill and had to be airlifted to a hospital don't say that because some injuries can be very serious she almost died of blood loss

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wooow, hope ya feel better man :/ what an asshole

^^^^ what a good friend. lousy paramedic though.

Push your friend off his bike. It's the only solution I see fit.

If it's not his ex-best-friend now, it should be. That's just plain assholery.

Geeze! What a horrible friend! I mean, I admit, falling people are funny, but not intentionally causing injury!

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I agree, the paramedics dropping him was funny, his friend pushing him is not.

Double agreed. Funny if someone messes up and gets hurt. Not funny if someone was an asshole and caused it.

If I would've witnessed both incidents, sorry to say, I would have fell to the floor laughing. I can't help it. Shit like that gets me every time.

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i probably would have laughed at the paramedic dropping you too...but pushing someone off a bike? i mean, if he didn't know you would be injured enough to have to call the paramedics, it's not that bad. but really, this story sounds like it actually happened when you two were little kids.

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Hahahahahaha. Im sorry, but that was hillarious. If that were to happen to me I'd start laughing beause it was so funny AND crying cause it hurt so bad =] Then again, I think I'd be the horrible best friend instead.....But I don't think I'd push my best friend off a bike at full speed...(I'm guessing that it was at full speed) that would hurt like a bitch.