By Manstobe92 - United States
Today, I went to pick my date up at her house. When I got to the door, her dad answered. We talked for a little bit and he told me to take his 1958 Corvette. I politely refused and he told me, "If I can trust you with my daughter, I can trust you with my car." I crashed into his mailbox. FML
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  The_Pleb  |  0


Usually only females do this kind of thing " poor driving "

your a discrace to the male species and therefore you should become a transvestite.


  TheDoge  |  0

cut off your meat and two veg and throw them in the oceans, so that some poor jelly-fish can have the cajones and become more of a man than you are.


that's really harsh, don't you think?

and FYI, that's a really sexist gender stereotype and trust me.... I can safely say that I've seen more men drive like the retarded dips*** that they are. In my opinion, women are probably safer drivers than men. How many accidents have men been in that killed them? Unsafe driving.... racing... drunk.....

But you don't have to agree with me. This is my opinion and i can as biased as you are being from my POV >.>


get the hell out of the conversation if you can't understand the maturity or figure of speech people are using. Where exactly are they being sexist? If you can't understand the way we're talking then don't pitch in; you'll only make yourself look stupid morons.

  Whininghippo  |  0

Well, think about it... he's probably never picked this girl up before, so he's at a new house. And now he's driving a car he's never driven before. Hitting the mailbox sucks balls, but it's not a YDI moment.. Sucks for you OP, hopefully next time the father will agree when you refuse to drive his car.

  Jtrain615  |  0

@ #67
Woah kindness, calm down and clean the sand out of your vag. They are just words. Remember the nursery rhyme, "sticks and stones..." You dumb bitch.

See? The last three words didn't hurt because they're just words. :)

  reborn296  |  0

i clearly remember seeing this in a movie before. Obviously someone thought it was funny, and thought that theyd put it up here... But its from a movie guys.

By  kukopia  |  0

Fake as fake can be. Fakest FML ever.
Even the people that own a 58 vette don't drive em.
No way they're gonna let someone they never met, that hasn't been driving very long drive it while they're SURE to be distracted.
Much less MAKE someone drive it after they politely decline the offer.

Mods be tokin again... EXHALE DUDES!!!!!