Slurs a gogo

By Anonymous - 18/11/2015 13:47 - United States - Roxboro

Today, my girlfriend cornered me and asked if I'm gay. I said no and asked why she even had any doubts. Apparently me being depressed and crying over my grandmother's death is "faggish" and means I want to have sex with men. Who knew? FML
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Dump that hoe she obviously can't think for herself


on rhe upside, he now has confirmation that he should find another, gentler and more compassionate, girl instead of a bitch that one must have been

agreed!! run OP!! god could you imagine how horrible she would be as a mom lile that?!? Seriously OP, run or at least wrap that joy stick down tight!!

im sorry for your loss, op. your gf needs to be more considerate! FYL

Someone like that probably isn't capable of being more more considerate.

Double standards man.. Double standards

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No, the opposite, it'd be a butch thing not to cry.

No it just would mean you're a heartless bastard

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I'm so confused because I actually have emotional issues as in I have problems communicating my emotions and bottle them up and never cry. so does that mean I'm actually not gay? That I'm straight? shit.

nope, find some compassionate girl w/out double standards and talk to her, even if she is only a good friend, nobody honestly wants to have a *perfect* other half, too much to try and be a close second to /endrant

Dump that hoe she obviously can't think for herself

Leave her. She clearly doesn't know what emotion is. Probably doesn't have any for you.

You have a terrible girlfriend. Leave now while you still can.

I'm sorry for your loss op but your girlfriend needs to be more considerate

Your poor girlfriend has some very odd ideas about sexuality and how men function emotionally, what have they been teaching her? I hope it isn't too late for her. I'm sorry she's making an already sad situation even worse for you.

thank you for being more considerate than her and all these "dump her!" typing people. Someone with a sense for humans, finally. Live a good life, man.

Dump her. May sound harsh, but in a relationship you're meant to have compassion and understanding, obviously she has neither.