By Anonymous - 24/03/2009 10:41 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend came over for dinner, but couldn't eat because he had just gotten his tongue pierced. My grandpa heard this, winked at my boyfriend and said "Can't eat now, but I bet that's all you'll be doing in a few weeks..." My super protective father was sitting right next to him. FML
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Your grandpa rules

grandpa's a pimp


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Nah, they're awesome.

Awesome grandpa is awesome.

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If it was my grandpa, he would've called your boyfriend gay.

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yeah really! I mean personally I would be peeing myself with laughter

Your grandpa rules

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Grandpa WIN!!!!

I agree. That is the coolest line from a grandpa ever.

awesome grandpa ,,, but sorry about ur dad

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Oh, my God. Hahaha. That would've been me. I hope your father knows it's a joke (Well, for his sake. ;) )

atleast your grandpa has a great sense of humor

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wait i dont get it...can someone explain that...?

ever heard the phrase "eating someone out"?

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Now her father is going to be following her all around for the next few weeks. This is definitely a FML.

Today my daughter invited her boyfriend over to dinner, but due to a recent tongue piercing he was unable to eat anything. Upon hearing this my father said to her boyfriend, "Can't eat now, but I bet that's all you'll be doing in a few weeks..." when I confronted him about it later all he had to say was "At least she won't get pregnant!" FML

Please... stop... that. It's not funny.

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#7. As in eating=eating out. Grandpa thinks that they'll get it on