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Today, I accidentally ripped out my boyfriend's insulin pump while trying to give him a lapdance. FML
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I'm sure he wasn't too pumped about the lap dance after that.


Not even lap dances are safe these days.

He'll be fine. The ripping out part may hurt but having the insulin pump out won't matter. Most people manage diabetes through injections. Why anyone has a pump is beyond me...

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#13, I took care of a 4th grader that had a pump so she would not have to inject herself. I can see why some people have pumps

13, it's much easier and less painful to control insulin levels with a pump. Why more diabetics aren't on it if their insurance will cover it is what's beyond me.

I've almost done that before. But the pump eventually broke anyway.

@13, actually a pump can really help manage diabetes better then injections. Pumps deliver a little bit insulin here and there, and now they have pumps that monitor your highs and lows, that sounds better then giving yourself injections.

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maybe #13 likes to be poked all the time...

There's nothing wrong with injections. My son chooses injections over a pump. Neither choice is wrong.

I think it's a matter of personal preference. However, young children often have more stable levels and seem to react better to the insulin pump. If it were me I would rather just be able to set my levels and do a bolus, instead of having to do multiple injections a day.

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I'm diabetic. Insulin pumps are pretty much an artificial pancreas. It's makes managing diabetes ten times easier

I knew a couple girls at my dance school growing up who had pumps. It was much more efficient to have one and keep dancing rather than stop throughout classes. It was also a lifesaver at competitions!

@13: People with type 1 diabetes have to inject after any food intake that's why they have a pump usually. Also for the record type 1 is not related to obesity.

Ya know, your a special type of stupid

You shouldn't insult someone if you can't spell "you're" properly.

I know what type 1 diabetes is, thanks. An uncanny number of friends/relatives have it. But from my personal experience the only one who uses a pump is my mums fiancée's son who is forced into it by his control freak mother. It seems to cause him nothing but problems and it seems to me that if he has a pump now he'll struggle to manage his diabetes properly on his own later. Just going by what I've seen, sorry.

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#13/109 - Everyone reacts differently, no two people have the same control over their condition. I guess you didn't stop to consider that maybe the kid would be in worse shape if his mother wasn't being a "control freak" [and young kids, as they grow, often struggle with control issues... yay hormones!]. And the conclusion that he'll struggle to manage it later because he is on a pump now is completely without merit. Besides the convenience of a pump, the ability to more closely mimic what a functioning pancreas does is even preferred over multiple daily injections. And for the record, yes, I'm Type-I and yes, I use a pump.

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If you didn't want so many hate comments you should've phrased your words differently. That sounded rude and somewhat ignorant...

I'm sure he wasn't too pumped about the lap dance after that.

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someone's trying hard, idk who, but someone is

accidents happen! I do hope he's okay and gets the issue taken care of though.

Oh baby you, got what I need! My insulin, it's attached to your leg, seriously I need that back.

I read this like Biz Markie's "Just a Friend"

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I tried to as well, but the melody didn't match

It's actually really easy to rip out a pump. I have one too and I rip mine out all the time. All it takes is a little tug.

It's not weird, (if it's the same as my boyfriend has). There is the pump and that pump has a wire that is attachted to his belly or his bum. That wire is pretty long so the cange is big that you accidentally rip it. It happens all the time

I used to have mine ripped out on everything. The damn pump wire is a pain. It gets easily caught. OP if your boyfriend can afford it tell him to try the cordless on. I heard they're much easier.

She got too into "Pour Some Sugar on Me."

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I once got my cord caught on a drawer, but it actually tore the skin open and it bled everywhere. It was really gross. I often forget I have the little cord and I get it caught on door handles, purses, really anything that sticks out. I once had a little kid yank it out too (that was painful and disturbing for both of us). So, that's how it happens #5. I also suggest OP's bf should disconnect his cord before having sexy time.

One I was sitting down and I missed the chair and I hit my back against it. The only problem is that's where my site was and I ripped it out. On the last day of school when all of my supplies were at home and not in the office. It bled all over.

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Oh ya yes yes yes NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!

Your profile picture made me cringe xD

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:) I tend to make people do that.

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That had to hurt! Hope he's ok.

I hope he's okay now and that the lapdance was atleast worth it!