Dumbest Ultimatum Ever

By NeverGonnaHappen - 19/05/2019 12:30

Today, my boyfriend told me I had to get rid of my cats, or he would leave. He punched a hole in my wall when I told him I chose the cats. FML
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live_to_love 25

It seems you made the right choice after all !


live_to_love 25

It seems you made the right choice after all !

Trinity Fenwick 7

Good for you! never trust a man who doesn't love your furry babies. they give unconditional love and will never leave you or cheat on you, also, they are your children. I hope they scratched the hell out of that heartless idiot before he left. just sayin. ...

It’s not usually a good thing when they make you choose between your pets, or them. Good choice

xxWTFxx1981 23

Yeah power to you.... You are one step closer to being the single 40 year old cat lady on the block everyone talks about... oh yeah...

Maybe you should stop punching holes in walls...

I’m a man and I’d say the same thing if someone told me to get rid of my cats.

Wow you’re a horrible person. Seriously do all of humanity a favor and remove yourself from the gene pool.

The cats are just symbols. You chose to not be controlled. I hope he injured his hand because he’s going to need it.

was his name Kyle bc i feel like his name is Kyle

No, it was Brad. Such a prick Brad thing to do!

Good for you that is a tactic that control freaks (narcissist's) try to use to control you & him punching the wall is a major red flag of possible physical abuse towards you or your pets in the future.

At least your love of your cats showed what a violent douchebag he is. Consider yourself lucky.

That would have been an easy choice for me as well. :)