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Today, my boyfriend of a year told me he is at the point in his life where he is ready to start a family, get married and have a baby. He also casually stated that he wished he could meet someone he could see himself settling down with. FML
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dump him if you want him to be commited.

Well given the fact that you both can't give birth.. But yeah, that sucks.


dump him if you want him to be commited.

My thought was shouldn't the OP's boyfriend be doing the dumping? Or what I mean is why didn't he dump the OP if he doesn't see it going anywhere? Unless the OP's boyfriend is a pussy and has to have the other person break up with them.

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The OP's boyfriend was probably being an asshole and kept dating the OP until they find someone better

Well given the fact that you both can't give birth.. But yeah, that sucks.

They could always adopt. But noooo some people want their own kiiiids because abandoned kids just ain't good enough for them. But then of course there's the surrogate mother route.... But can OP get married to his boyfriend in Indiana? I don't know much about that.

From the way that is worded, it sounds like OP is a girl and forgot to change her gender to "woman" when posting this FML. I mean, apparently gay marriage isn't even legal in Indiana, and you would never say "have a baby" if you actually mean adoption.

Oh and #36 I TOTALLY agree!! People have this obesession with having thier own children. Which is fine if you can naturally conceive no problemo, but if you can't, I think that's a clear sign you should adopt. All these absurdly expensive fertility treatments JUST to have a child that has some of your genetic information? Completely stupid. There are so many children out there who need parents and all these wealthy, fat ass people would rather spend years and years trying all these treatments and trying to conceive rather than just take in one of these kids.

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46, they didn't mean that gay men aren't allowed to have children, they meant that it's physically impossible to give birth to a child if you're a man. (And by man I mean you were born a man with all of the designated man parts. So no one can throw the pregnant "man" in my e-face.)

If they want to get fertility treatments, who are you to judge? It's THEIR decision.

"People have this obesession with having thier own children." Sorry, I haven't even read the rest of your post but after that line I have to say, uh DUH??? O.o It's natural to want to have your own children rather than care for someone elses. And while it's true that even in animal kingdom adoption is not unheard of it is quite rare. However, it is not rare for animals to kill the children of their soon-to-be mate simply bc they are not their own. So yeah. Odd statement.

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I'd be thankful if my boyfriend let me know that after just a year. I hate when people take things too fast

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Yeah, I'd make sure that this relationship was really going somewhere, and if not, break up with him so he and you can both find someone more suitable.

this should end with.... then I felt I'd no option but to dump him so now I'm alone.

Hey, look on the bright side... atleast you had fun with the bisexual before he went "straight."

DUMP HIM. Dump him right now. You deserve to be with someone who wants to spend their life with you.

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Take the hint..... Learn to cook.

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don't take this the wrong way but good for him if he wants to start a family

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I think you should get him a blow up doll..jk i dont even know why I said that