By belljars - United States - Riverside
  Today, my boyfriend and I were having sex and in the heat of the moment I cried out for him to go harder. He had an exasperated expression on his face, and in an adamantly offended tone he said, "Don't tell me what to do." Then he stopped and left the room. FML
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  mb2_native  |  15

34, maybe he was going as hard as he can and you might have made him feel emasculated by saying that haha still funny tho, "don't tell me what to do" haha

  elcee1987  |  18

See if he's okay?? Why?? She's the one who should be checked on after her boyfriend pulled a hissy fit. Are there other ways that he is controlling? Frankly, I'm concerned.

  Alastor13X  |  8

"I'm going as hard as I can! I'm gonna go smoke a bowl, eat some Doritos, and play Pokemon Silver!"

Damn, that just makes me sad to hear that... If you can't man up to the challenge, step down from the pedestal and let a champion have a go at it. I feel bad for you OP. I honestly don't know what is happening to "men" these days, but it is sad. I know guys who'd probably pull this same stunt, then brag about how well they put it to you, so unless he has some kind of mental issue I'd definitely consider making him work harder for it.

By  HJKM_fml  |  19

Sounds like someone is a spoiled douche.

By  rkdstp1995  |  25

someone was a grumpy-pants.

possibly he has an issue with dominance and feels small when being told what to do in a situation where men tend to be more dominant? if that makes any sense at all...

  raeepressley  |  12

Badum tshhhh