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Today, I am so shy and friendless that my mother is literally setting up a play-date with one of her friend's daughters. I'm 25 years-old and this is my best chance at making a friend. FML
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Some of the best relationships start as friendships in the sandbox throwing sand in each other's faces and screaming "No, YOU are a poopyhead!" Don't forget to put on a clean diaper first, and bring an extra juice box for her. Chicks dig that. Good luck.

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people are always friends with someone that has cool toys...


cryssycakesx3 22

people are always friends with someone that has cool toys...

Considering they are of 25 years of age, I doubt they have "toys".

Cool cars or motorcycles could be their "toys" at that age

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What this has to do with the fml I'm not sure.. But the statement holds truth

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#28 that's the humor... you know.. they're 25 having a play date...

There are "toys" for adults too, ifyouknowwhatimean :)

Nothing wrong with having toys. I have lots. Most people, for the sake of looking "grown up", call them collectibles.

you shouldnt have gotten down voted #1, some people just didnt understand

#28 you never know, it may change depending on the gender. ;)

@28, at age 25 its different kind of toys than what you are thinking of.

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thank you 51. I tried to come up with something semi clever for the first comment. it's much more stressful and intense than I was prepared for.

Finally, a comment that made sense!

Guys never grow up #28. Our toys just get bigger and more expensive :)

Some of the best relationships start as friendships in the sandbox throwing sand in each other's faces and screaming "No, YOU are a poopyhead!" Don't forget to put on a clean diaper first, and bring an extra juice box for her. Chicks dig that. Good luck.

And gummy bears. Those are essential.

haha, remembers me at my first day at university. I was really nervous about meeting all the new people so my girlfriend gave me some gummy bears and told me with those i will make friends for sure :D

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Aww Doc, did you take a walk down the memory lane? :P

A clean diaper is like #1 important that's for sure. Haha

Bluebl4ze - This is exactly how I met Mrs. Bastard. Then I put stickers in her hair, she kicked sand in my eye. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Don't worry about it OP. Some people are just very shy and need that little push. I hope the "play date" goes well :)

Yeah exactly. I'm the same way as OP. My mom set up a play date for me to and I'm 20.

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to be fair, the other girl was set up on the play date too so maybe she's in a similar situation and understand how OP feels.

You have a good point there #94. Hopefully they get along well and understand each other a little easier if they are similar.

why don't start some team sport? so you have to talk to people and people specially have to talk to you, if you are really that shy.

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that's a good suggestion but sometimes that can backfire and next thing you know you're the creepy person on the team that doesn't talk to anyone/no one talks to.

I see your point and I know those people for sure. But you have to give it a try and talk to some people unless you don't want to die alone. But this story makes me think about my own behaviour towards those people. I really should talk to them by myself a bit more so they won't feel bad and start talking a bit. I know those situations when you are all alone in a group of strangers and don't really know what to do. I was always happy about that one person which started to talk to me, though it was just small talk. It made me always feel better.

Looks like someone needs to get out more

This is the only place I know where instead of speaking the truth, people try their best at comforting the fml poster in hopes of getting their comments upvoted, have we no brains?

It's not that they don't go out often, it's the fact that they're shy. They may have social anxiety so it's hard for them to make friends! I sympathise with OP, I understand that you're saying they should 'try' more, but some people just aren't confident enough.

I know, I have it too, but sometimes we just gotta get out

Duck - That's like telling a smoker that he "just needs to quit". Or telling an idiot he just needs to stop being an idiot. It's much easier said than done.

If someone has severe social anxiety that's one thing but it seems like "everyone" who's even a little shy claims social anxiety and refuses to attempt to change. Where I'm from that's called a cop out. Getting out of your comfort zone can yield some amazing results.

Agree for sure. The hypochondriac population is growing. It seems that people are trying to glamorize anxiety and ADD for attention or something

I'm pretty sure that the last thing that someone who claims to have anxiety wants is attention

duckofshame: did the op say anywhere they have never tried? no, so stop filling in details. plus you obviously have no idea what the OP is going through in the shyness department. its like telling someone thats depressed to just be happy, it is insulting and doesnt help. THATS why you were downvoted

Well I'm assuming what I can from the given details, you don't know either so there's no argument unless they reply

Are you stupid? The other person has a valid arguement. Stop replying, you just look dumb.

So junkman says what duckofshame is trying to say, and junkman gets upvoted? I dun get it…

@ #54 actually.... Ummm it's very normal for someone to claim helplessness to get people to come to them. @72 Sadly it's in how you say it not what you're actually saying. You can have a perfectly valid point but if you don't explain it piece by piece 99% of people won't understand it at all. And then they'll think you're just being a dick. Think politics here. You can say nothing, but say nothing in a certain way and you get voted in.

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huge difference between "shy" and "social anxiety"

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Agreed, it's one of those thing those things that only get easier with practice. Like asking people out, or making new friends your going to feel uncomfortable and you are going to get hurt. The surge of it makes me wonder about the use of the internet making people more afraid of taking that chance because they feel more safe online and don't develop the social skills needed.

Meaning people without actual anxiety. "hypochondriacs"

I have agoraphobia... "Going out more" may not be the right answer in all cases.

The last time my cousin had a play date he took off his clothes, put his undies on his head, and ran around naked. Chicks dig that sort of stuff.

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Good times, good times. sigh....

As another really shy and hard to make friends person, I feel you OP! Hope your 'play-date' goes well though, good luck! :)

Aww don't feel bad, you're taking baby steps (:

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Shyness is a real tough one to crack - and I speak from experience. When I started my university, I could barely talk to anyone (I have a problem with talking to anyone I don't know) and we had a meet and greet at a pub the first day. I just sat on a chair in the corner and hoped nobody spoke to me But besides all that, I really would like to know how this meeting goes. Friendships can start in the oddest of ways - from borrowing a pencil to both being rendered speeches by meeting a famous musician