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Today, for my Teen Living class, all the students got a fake baby. In order to stop the baby from crying, you have to use the bracelet they provide. I lost the bracelet. I have the baby all weekend. FML
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if real babies worked that way, people would keep their receipts and try to return baby, bracelet, and partner (in some cases).


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But then some passerby would hear thar cries, not check to see if it was real, then smash the window to save it!

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hahahahahahaha... my friend has to do this this weekend to, she's already broken the childs neck

cut it open and take batteries out, and then sew it back together

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Oh my. I feel really bad for you, OP. I had one of those things in the 8th grade and it was awful! :/

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YDI for being an irresponsible parent to your fake baby

I would be the one smashing the window : )

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if real babies worked that way, people would keep their receipts and try to return baby, bracelet, and partner (in some cases).

This weekend is gunna be epic. With no sleep, you can do anything! =D Lol no. that sucks

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Awh boo, number uno put it first /:

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Do what you do to your penis and beat it! (on my iPod I can't tell the don't make fun of me)

Well, the OP is a girl, but your comment is f**king hilarous!!!!!!! 100% WIN! XD

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not tryin to sound mean or nything but u actually can see the gender he is on ur iPod. it's In the uper right corner.

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thanks 19 I see the ****** symbol

How do you lose the bracelet? they lock it to your arm!

When I had mine they didn't let us put it on our arm so other people could re use the key.

Exactly what I'm saying!! The teacher has to cut it off!

When I did this similar experiment for my family studies class in the '80's we were given a raw egg that the teacher signed , we were to give it a name & bring it with us everywhere & the person who kept their egg from breaking for the length of the semester got bonus points for keeping their egg "alive"

Erm, what? Maybe I'm being stupid, but how does the bracelet stop the baby crying? I'm imagining it being like one of those children's dolls, but maybe I've got the completely wrong idea. However, just take the damn batteries out, or leave it somewhere no-one would hear it. Or borrow the bracelet off one of your friends...

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The bracelet makes a noise when you pass it over a certain part of the baby's body so it can recognize its "mother." Each bracelet is baby-specific, so OP can't borrow one from a friend. I had a class where we got fake babies, but I don't remember if you can just take the batteries out. I remember that some people shoved pencils in the back of the dolls to turn them off, but for obvious reasons all of them failed that part of the class. I guess the only solution would be leaving it where nobody could hear it, then. It's better than stabbing it with a pencil.

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Our school had the same thing. The bracelet has plastic "keys" on it that you put in a slot on the doll's back, and when you put in the right key, it stops crying. I don't think you CAN take the battery out, but I know if you try, it will register as abuse and you will fail. Then again, I'm pretty sure letting it cry incessantly will too. But I guess they could use someone else's, they'd just have to stay together the whole time. I don't think they keys are doll-specific.

They are specially made for these types of classes. The babies have slots in their back and the bracelet has a set of cards on it. Each card represents something a baby would need (diaper change, food etc). You have to stick the cards in the slot to get it to stop crying. However, how the hell did you loose the bracelet OP? At my school they strapped that thing to your wrist, and you would have to cut it off to lose it. I would call your teacher or try really hard to find the bracelet. I know people are telling you to take the batteries out, but your teacher can tell. Also, if you let it cry for too long, the abuse light goes on. Sorry OP sounds like you're going to fail this project.

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I didn't know that there were bracelets with cards, or about the abuse light. My class just had something that told the teacher what was going on, but the person with the baby wouldn't know if anything was missed until the teacher gave us our grades. Still, OP, how did you lose that bracelet? I thought they were strapped to your arm so you couldn't lose it. I have a feeling you just cut the thing off.

I've come to the conclusion (thanks to FoxOnTheStreet, Joa & Thalymor) it'd be far easier to just get those kids ones where you actually have to do stuff, rather than slotting a key into the baby. But then I suppose there would be no way to 'grade' a person's ability with the plastic effegy... But seriously, why do they need to do this over a whole weekend? Actually, why do they need to grade a persons ability with a baby anyway? I mean, getting a fail wouldn't prevent them from getting pregnant... Why not just have a class long session if you have to grade teenagers on this?

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Cinn, at my school you have to wave the braclet over the baby then check the diaper if it "poops" You may have to burp it. Maybe feed it. Or just rock it. That's how mine was

Cinn, I suspect it's more of a prolonged lesson about the importance of birth control than a project about actual childcare. I can't say for sure, since I was homeschooled. We didn't get the fancy fake babies. Instead, Mom pimped out our babysitting services ASAP, so we'd get the lesson *and* have to learn about fiscal responsibility and bucking peer pressure by buying (or not buying, rather) our own trendy-label whatevers. ;) It sorta backfired, though. She keeps nagging about grandkids now, and wonders why we're all so opposed to parenthood. O.o

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Cinn, I also don't understand why you need a baby for a weekend. Some schools do it for an entire week, though, which I think is excessive. To be honest, I'm not sure why they grade us, but I was told that we get the babies to discourage from having kids as teenagers. That's probably why we had to feed, burp, cuddle, or change the diapers on our babies instead of putting in chips.

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Oops. TIJD pretty much said it all, but I was still typing when she posted. Then I didn't notice until after I ran out of edit time. Sorry about that.

Ifailplzinsultme - Why do you have to wave the bracelet over the baby? I thought the point of it crying was to tell you something was wrong. Irish - Fair enough really. I've no idea, we were never given plastic babies at school, we were just told about the various different methods of birth control and the consequences of having kids. Fox - That sounds more like what I imagined it to be like, which is why I couldn't understand where the bracelet came into it.

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Cinn, I think that we would be just fine if our education system was like yours and didn't use the abstinence only method. As for the bracelet thing, we had to wave the bracelet over the baby so it could make a "ding!" noise. If there was no ding, nothing you did would stop it from crying and the baby would register it as neglect.

Cinn - as the name these are marketed under is 'Baby Think It Over', the cynical part of me can't help thinking it's all an extension of the 'abstinence only' sex education programs you only seem to see in the US. They're a replacement for the old methods of carrying around an egg or a bag of flour for a week (a valid improvement). Considering that the USA has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the industrialized world, you'd have to question its effectiveness.

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54- so it shows that your the father/mother

Fox - I don't get why schools would teach that only abstinence is the way to be. I mean, I feel kids make much better decisions if you give them as wide a view as possible about a situation. And ok, that makes sense, except why is this bracelet thing needed anyway? I mean, a real baby doesn't require any activation. Zeb - Like I said to Fox, I reckon kids make better decisions if they've been educated properly. Ie, not just told about one method and that it's the only thing it works. Because if you tell a kid not to do something, at least half of 'em will do it. However, if you say to them 'these are the options you have' and give them a wide view, then at least they won't be doing something because you told them not to do it, and they'll have been able to make heir own (hopefully sensible) decision. Ifailplzinsultme - Well, tbf, why would it matter? So long as it's being looked after, chances are kids parents won't want to be involved in this 'project' and so won't look after it, unless say their kid works at the weekend or something. And in real life if a parent is at work they get someone else to look after it anyway.

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Cinn, I really have no idea why the abstinence-only method is used. I agree that it's much better to tell kids what options they have, but the board of education obviously doesn't think that way. I don't know why we need a bracelet. A baby that needs activation is unrealistic. Maybe the designers thought it sounded good on paper. I can't think of any decent reason for having an unneeded piece of plastic on your arm for a robotic infant to ID you.

I was reading up on this for another FML, and for US 12-year-olds that had abstinence only sex education, in the following two years, 33% had had sex, compared to 50% of the ones that had had a comprehensive sex education. This was promoted as a big win for the abstinence only model. Two things are wrong with this logic. 1) These are only 12-14 year-olds, and the study didn't continue up over - oh, I don't know - the age of consent, and 2) it means the 33% went off and had sex uninformed, where the 50% would have had a much better chance of not having problems. This impossibly naive idea that people won't have sex just because someone tells them it's bad, and pretends it doesn't happen is just ridiculous, and frankly irresponsible.

Why are 12-14 year olds having sex anyway? But yeah, age aside, it shouldn't be based on whether or not a kid has sex after having sex education, but whether or not they made a sensible choice about it, eg how many of them didn't get pregnant or catch anything...

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I think i should have just skipped this comment. I cant believe i just read all of that. 

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71 Some parents do, I do know on mom brought the baby to her son basketball game ad forgot all about doin the braclet. The kid got an F and the mom was kicked out of the gym. It's cause of having the parents look over it

you can't take the batteries out, that kind of defeats the purpose of the assignment. lol

Ifailplzoinsultme - I'm going to reply to what I think you said; the kid should've just explained to the teacher what happened. As the OP should've done. You can't be expected to cancel everything for a project. I know the whole point is to teach kids what it's like to have a kid, but things like work or 'important' sports matches should be valid exceptions so long as it's possible to give it to someone else to look after, and if that someone else fails then it shouldn't be marked as a failure for the kid. xgetxbentx - I see your point, but I still think it's a pointless project in the first place. Do kids really need a doll to know how much work a kid actually is?

In my day, we just got the old standby... Eggs... We didn't have "teen life" classes, just biology or social studies. Though in high school, one biology class had 1 duckling per student. That was to teach responsibility, not "dont have sex! (or you lay an egg and a duck pops out...)"