By gibsonSG323 - United States
Today, I told my boyfriend I was pregnant. While I was asleep, he drew a face on my stomach and when I woke up he was talking to it. He said it would be less weird if he was talking to my stomach with a face on it, representing the baby. According to him, our child is going to have a mustache. FML
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  runtothehills  |  0

hey, everthpught that they where OVER 20? i meen what aren't would let there daughters boyfriend come in at 8am ish and wright on there daughters stomach. they probably have their own place. think a bit

  deuce8301  |  2

that is pretty funny. I don't think it's weird. he could have kicked in the stomach upon hearing the word pregnant. that would have been a fml. I have 2 kids and they are awesome. I'm 27 btw fuckers.

  amerrah  |  4

Calm Down #94!
Geez, did someone shit in your mailbox this morning or something?!
Thats terrible to tell someone to get an abortion, especially since you dont know them. Maybe her bf would feel awkward just talking to her stomach. So he would draw a face on to be more comfortable. And talking to the baby while in the womb promotes brain development ^^

  supernice  |  0

how is this f the babys life, because his/her dad has a sense of humor? I mean really, maybe she would be upset because she now has a face drawn on her bit that really is not bad.


I agree this isn't bad at all. so your boyfriend has a sence on humor? it's pretty much impossible for babies to have facial hair (in some rare cases they may have a bit of like "peach fuzz" but it's just a face so he isn't talking to your stomach. give your bf a break op he sounds like a great guy

  kaijapapaya  |  0

I wonder if they have something funny happen to them and think "this would make such a great fml story" just to get published. I think i'd like a boyfriend like this.

  DmF288  |  14

I agree with this 100%. A lot of the women here either need to lighten up or stop deliberately and intentionally using FML to post amusing, non-fucked-up stories about their boyfriend.

  MrsDruidess  |  23

yes poor OP, her boyfriend is wanting to be involved with her pregnancy, I can see how she's feeling like thats an FML. . . . thats sarcasm for you idiots out there. . .

  monnanon  |  13

Even if he was being serious at least he is trying to bond. Men dont get the physical things in pregnancy like the kicking and movement so for them it is very hard to be attatched to something that, apart from a few scans, they dont really have much evidence of. Even if they manage to catch a kick thru their other halves stomach its not the same thing.

If she has just told him she wont have a bump yet either so its just his way of connecting with his child and injecting a bit of humour into something life changing


Woah! The hostility is overwhelming.

I didn't say it was sad if he WANTED to do it. It's cute. I said it was sad if he NEEDED to do it. Gosh people, learn the difference between wanting and needing.

And, I don't think my comment warranted cussing at me. Grow up people. What are you, so uncivilized you can't contradict someone's opinion without using profanity. Are you a brooding teen?


By  notyourallie  |  0

How is this an FML? At least he's excited about the baby and didn't dump you, which judging by your uptight attitude he should have. Lighten up lady, especially if you're going to have a kid.