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Today, I found out that I was never actually enrolled in the class I've been attending all semester. I guess that explains why I only got $400 dollars in student aid, not the 1,200 they said I'd get. FML
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Didn't your tests come back marked, "Who the **** are you? B+. Pretty good for a hobo!"

Do they not do some sort of register in the class to check everyone is there?


Do they not do some sort of register in the class to check everyone is there?

Didn't your tests come back marked, "Who the **** are you? B+. Pretty good for a hobo!"

For you guys who don't know.. If the person is in college or university, which seems probable since they're paying for it, then the professors don't usually take attendance. For example, in my university, there are often 200-400 students in a class. You go to class, take notes. When midterms/tests come along, you do them and all you need is a valid student picture ID that confirms that someone else isn't writing your exam. Then they'll give the tests to be marked by upper year Grad students. (Now some profs take signatures on an attendance sheet after you hand in test but a lot don't care). In short, it's really easy to miss that you're not registered. In some ways, it's OP's fault because I always double-check, but it's really hard to predict something that you're not expecting. It's rare but it happens. So give OP a break. Anyways, not sure about OP's story but this situation could be a possibility.

It more depends on the size of the school/class than what sort of school it is. My college (albeit community college) had normal grade school sized classes and they did take attendance. I would imagine most smaller schools would do it that way.

My university makes everyone "sign in" by tapping our ID cards against a reader on the wall. They don't really care about attendance because we're adults and it's our choice if we don't turn up, but they do check up on you to ask if you're okay if there's an obvious change. I'm assuming OP didn't have something like that though, I'd be surprised if they did and no one noticed.

Surely a register is needed incase there is a fire or emergency, they need to know who was there.

My uni had tap in/out ID cards as well as register sheets, for classes anywhere between 10 and I guess almost 200. I would be surprised if there was literally no type of registration at all.

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For the first couple of weeks, they do take attendance, even in large lectures to check if those who received grants or scholarships are actually attending the course instead of just taking the money.

I'm fairly certain the professor would also notice when he or she started getting assignments handed in from a student whose name wasn't even on their list. Even if OP has the same name as one of the other students; pretty sure they would notice there being more than one of that person's name in the stack of papers and not on the list of students actually enrolled.

#5) You're right. The college in my city has about 30-50 students in each class and takes attendance and can actually fail you based on your attendance. So it really depends on the size as you mentioned. #8 & 10) That's actually a really sweet way to sign people in. We don't have that. I think it's because it would take too long for our class sizes. (Already takes forever for people to get settled in - but mostly because our university budget is not so great right now). #9) Since most students are 18+, they're adults and thus personally responsible for their own safety - so attendance wouldn't be taken. (I think they just don't have a practical way of taking attendance for 200+ students, and then "following up" on the missing adults). #11) In my university, the grant and/or scholarship amount is subtracted from the tuition fees so the student is never given the amount in "accessible forms". It's a good way to make sure that it's used properly. #12) Yes and no. If you have 200 students or more, I highly doubt you'd notice something like that. In classes that big, we are talking about (usually two big tests, or maybe one test and one project) and a final exam. So that's three assessments. They don't have time to do more. (Again, it depends on the professor but this is how things usually run in my Uni). Plus, it's the teaching assistants (usually graduate students) who do the marking. Not the professor. And it's their job to upload the marks for which you just need to provide your student number. And it's a bit odd but if you don't provide your student number, most professors don't follow up in my university. It may seem weird but graduate students are busy with their projects and professors are often researchers on the side. So they really emphasize on providing the exact information because they don't have time to chase anyone. Makes sense since it would be ridiculously impractical to be chasing adults.

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This sort of thing seems to happen quite a bit on here.

Fun fact: you don't have to put a comma (or space, depending on the country) in a number that's 4 digits or fewer!

You are correct but it is still common practice to do so.

How the **** do you go a whole semester without knowing youve been enrolled

sick of this "that could have happened to me" bullshit. YDI, pay attention to the important shit in your life.

I was in college a long time ago and I know if my financial aid was $800 short I might have looked into that. Since you can literally do that sitting on the toilet there really is no excuse for you not to have checked up on it. I'm sure you've been blaming the college the whole time though, haven't you?