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Today, I was in the middle of an interview; it was going great until I started coughing. That coughing led to an asthma attack, which led to nonstop gagging. I couldn't even answer his final question, "Are you okay?" FML
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Ouch. Try ro see if you can redo that. He has to understand if not he is an asshole


Ouch. Try ro see if you can redo that. He has to understand if not he is an asshole

Well, maybe he needs someone who can work well under pressure

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OP had an asthma attack because they were coughing, not because OP was under pressure.

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At least you fought the fight to almost the last breath. Hopefully you got the job...

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I hope everything turned out ok and hopefully the interviewer didn't hold it against you!

that unfortunate event had better guarantee you a job!

Why? It isn't their fault OP had an asthma attack. What if the OP is a horrible worker? Not saying he is, but the FML doesn't exactly include a resume or references either.

Unfortunately, jobs don't hire people because they should feel sympathetic.

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I read that in Danny Sexbang's voice.

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I really don't see how anyone can vote YDI here.

Asthma is easily controlled with medication and proper instruction so in that way OP can be deserving for not recognizing the onset of their symptoms.

Just because asthma can be controlled does not mean you won't ever have it triggered and have an attack, starting to cough can easily bring on an attack...especially if something in the room irritated their asthma.

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#41, you have no idea whether their asthma was controlled or not. For all you know, that could've been the first asthma attack that the OP had in months. Also, the OP was triggered by coughing and had an attack, which can happen even if a person's asthma is under control.

I am not saying I voted that way. I'm just saying if those were the circumstance then OP did in fact deserve it. I'm not assuming one way or the other but you seem to be jumping to conclusions based on me answering the question.

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why didn't you have an inhaler with you? I hope the interviewer was understanding, at least :/

Inhalers tend to be used to prevent asthma attacks, or just as you feel one coming on - if you're violently coughing there's no way you can use your inhaler effectively.

Well OP had to inhale at some point during the coughing spree so as long as OP can press on the acuator they should have had it under control. bronchodilators happen to work rather quickly.

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#40, actually when using an inhaler you are supposed to inhale deeply and hold your breath for a few seconds, which is not easy to do when you are violently coughing

It really depends because OP doesn't seem to be posting from a hospital or i'd figure it'd make it into the FML to the tune of "now i'm taking continous svn tx for the next half hour." Bronchospasms don't typically clear up on their own. By the way I'm a respiratory therapist.

That interviewer is probably thinking about how many sick days OP will need to take and how much the health insurance will cost the company.

It's asthma. Not anything too serious. Though asthma attacks can be scary, they can be helped. Not many people take "sick days" and have ridiculous health insurance for asthma.

iAlissa - Do a little research. Nearly 3500 people die every year in your country from asthma. Don't discount it as "just a little wheeze". It can indeed be very serious and occasionally fatal.

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I have friends who have to spend days in hospital due to the severity of their asthma... Not exactly 'non serious'

I had asthma growing up. (I think I've grown out of out now. Don't know if that's REALLY possible but it hasn't bothered me in years) It didn't bother me too much when I did physical activities, but every time I got sick, my asthma made it ten times worse. Imagine a pair of already weak lungs congested with mucus. Yeah, needles to say, I was hospitalized more than once just because I got something like the flu or bronchitis. Ain't nobody got time fo dat!

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Think positive - at least you'll be memorable!

Well I think not even being able to utter a few words was answer enough

Well that's pretty embarrassing, hopefully the person who interviewed you won't hold it against you. Maybe call/shoot him an email asking to schedule a re-do?