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Today, an intoxicated homeless man tried to chase me out of a McDonald's because he thought I was President Obama. I'm a 26-year-old white woman. FML
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badass243 6

he needs a McChillthefuckout

K_kanaka 26



K_kanaka 26


I'm adding this to my favorites!

Hey he just wanted some spare change. Who better than Obama?

Guess your the egg mcmuffin of his alcohol experiences ;)

ahhhh good old alcohol

xbrit551 13

Funny shit

this too funny to b true but its f*ckin hilarious

badass243 6

he needs a McChillthefuckout

I can see why he'd want to attack Obama though.

GreenAppleDP 0

I wouldn't say attacking the President is a good idea, nor is there a good reason for it. He's doing the best he can to turn shit around, after the way Dumbo left it.. It's not Obama's fault. I do however accept the fact that there hasn't been a good president since Clinton.

Dusty_Busters 15


3-Is that still on the dollar menu? I hope everybody in Congress gets some of that. We'd be having less problems if they did.

desireev 17

12- People say that I'm crazy when I say that Clinton was the last good president in office! I fully agree with you!!

GreenAppleDP 0

For whatever reason his incident in office made him pretty unpopular. Apparently having marriage problems is far worse than being a coke head or an alcoholic. Whatever. If Hillary would run for office again, and be voted in, I think we would all be in luck. - Not just saying that because I'm a girl. If you're a Clinton fan, you should go to Arkansas and visit the Clinton Library. It's fantastic! He actually has a suite on the top floor that he will go and visit on occassions.

pm_sky 0

Your comment :should have recorded that with your phone...rotfl

GreenAppleDP 0

You have really got to get rid of that "your comment:" at the beginning of your comments.

Yeah, you're right mr no real picture of self and no age on profile, her one eye, nose, and lips are incredibly cute. You look like a creep.

ChronicBluntz420 7

He just called her cute, calm down.^

It's annoying though. PM that shit!

Crazy homeless person must be colored blind

Probably, gender blind too.

Michael_92 20

Hair blind?? Think he would notice the long hair ha.

Ydi for looking nothing like Obama LOL

6- Did you not read the part where OP said she is a Caucasian woman? And even if she did look like Obama, I don't know why a crazy homeless man would have to chase her down.

6-Did you not read the part where OP said she was a Caucasian female? And what's wrong with looking like Obama?

drawmesunshine 17

6, Did you not read where it said that half the FML population doesn't appreciate that sort of humor? YDI for making a funny that most people here won't see.

His color blind..

GreenAppleDP 0


Dudelike89 8

Unfinished sentences are..

bbedlock_fml 7

How is it these days that homeless people can afford booze but not food? It's crazy!

With a stressful day to day life on the streets, a beer sounds a lot better than a salad

They have priorities

shepdog123 0

That is why most of them are on the streets that or drug problems

Ah yes, the infamous colorblind, homeless, and wasted republican.

10-You sure that's not Newt Gingrich. Sounds kind of like him to me.

jacob4592 0

I would have tripped him and said for...all America ....this is how much .....I care

MyLoveDrunk 11

Haha, I found joy out of reading this, pretending in my mind that Obama was actually saying it with his infamously annoying pauses