By Anonymous - / Tuesday 24 January 2012 00:10 / United States
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  GreenAppleDP  |  0

I wouldn't say attacking the President is a good idea, nor is there a good reason for it. He's doing the best he can to turn shit around, after the way Dumbo left it.. It's not Obama's fault. I do however accept the fact that there hasn't been a good president since Clinton.

  GreenAppleDP  |  0

For whatever reason his incident in office made him pretty unpopular. Apparently having marriage problems is far worse than being a coke head or an alcoholic. Whatever. If Hillary would run for office again, and be voted in, I think we would all be in luck. - Not just saying that because I'm a girl.

If you're a Clinton fan, you should go to Arkansas and visit the Clinton Library. It's fantastic! He actually has a suite on the top floor that he will go and visit on occassions.

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