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By  cheshireau  |  26

5 days ago I accidentally slammed a car door into my eye. Accidents happen and sometimes people can be a little uncoordinated. Don't stress about it. Just be careful and don't fall asleep. If you are worried, via a GP or Hospital.

By  ralphnader  |  13

There is a difference between being uncoordinated and not paying attention. 2-3 you can say eh sports or an accident and you were more susceptible to them after the first. Number 9 just means your head is in the clouds and you have no situational awareness

By  swervelol  |  28

There's no way those can be actual concussions, I know someone who has had 4 and now she has extreme light sensitivity and partial seizures at night. She was told a 5th concussion would likely kill her. Either OP isn't telling the truth or he has a very high tolerance to concussion trauma.

By  fireblazes  |  10

<p>Have friend who had multiple concusions growing up. He swears it gave him a perfect photographic memory. I would agree if he could remember where he put it...</p>