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Today, I decided to tan naked in a secluded part of my yard, so I wouldn't get tan lines. I even felt adventurous enough to leave my bikini and towel inside. This idea backfired however when my mom stopped home from work, assumed I wasn't home, and locked all the doors before she left again. FML
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  x3jmac27  |  22

Honestly she sounded like she didn't know her mom was gonna stop by home. Plus if I was gonna do that I wouldn't think to leave a note either because you think the mom would check before she locks all the doors. And again she sounded like she didn't know so I'm pretty sure she's worried more about tanning naked than thinking "There may be a slight chance my mom will stop home so I should leave a note telling her I'm outside fully naked and tanning"

  Respect101  |  17

It's kind of the moms fault. Back when I lived at home, if they thought I would be home and I wasn't. They would look all over the house for me, and then call me to see where I was and tell me to get my ass back home.

  OhWhoCares  |  42

I'm not sure about the OP but I always have my phone with me, even when sunbathing. Personally I like listening to music. I would use my phone to call mom and tell her to come unlock my house cuz I was outside but I guess that won't work if OP doesn't have their phone

  Chibitalia180  |  6

#78 Assuming OP tanned in a backyard rather than the front, he/she might not have a key for their backdoor. My backdoor is one of those sliding levers and they don't use a key

  russfml  |  31

No one does that just because in case a parent comes home randomly from work and locks all the doors. Common buddy you're thinking way after the fact than before it.

  samuelbeathard  |  15

It may not be a "her". There isn't a gender at the top and nowhere in the post does it say anything toward either gender. I mean technically a man can wear a bikini... ;D

  lexa1love  |  16

I was thinking of body parts catching. Also, in times I have had to do it, the jeans material helped keep the frame from digging directly into my stomach/thighs.

  chutney_02  |  22

#29 I hate to say this but I will because it really bugs me but that's completely the wrong use of guesstimate. You are only guessing; there's nothing to calculate (estimate)

  Antonhjn  |  11

That is exactly what I meant. I wanted a follow up hearing what she did, did she burn, yelled out to neighbour or did her mother come home shortly afterwards again.

  sweetbliss3  |  37

33- you're an idiot. whether that's the real "meaning" or not, I did really mean to say guesstimate. I thought I was on fml not "AmISayingTheRightWords R'Us."

By  Michael903  |  18

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