By Liz - 11/08/2011 02:21 - United States

Today, my boss became very angry over her own mistake on a spreadsheet. She lashed out by throwing a can of SpaghettiOs at my head. FML
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slushpup9696 12

At least you got a free meal out of this.


At least she didn't do that because she caught you watching Ponies: Friendship is Magic during work.

maz255 10

1 ill finish your comment, *ahem* Spaghettios

HowAreYouToday 34

It could have been worse. She could have been holding a brick at the time.

where do you work that there's random cans of spagehtios all over the place?

CharlieeMurphy 0

If you think about it and use this thing called your brain you'd realize oh shit maybe it's there lunch.. Or a supermarket. Tons of explanations

hellbilly205 17

Could of been worse she could of threw a computer, or a desk, or even a chair at you instead...i'd say you got off pretty lucky

Pixxio_O 11

What are you waiting for??? Eat them!!!

75-It would have also been easier to sue then.

75, I'd say lucky is being able to go to work and not get ANYTHING thrown at you. Op's boss had no right to do that, and deserves to be punished for doing so.

eat it be thankful food has come your way

I would sue her. I'm pretty sure bosses aren't allowed to use that as punishment.

slushpup9696 12

At least you got a free meal out of this.

and free money from the law suit i recommend op files.

HowAreYouToday 34

And a free debt from the lawyer expenses that op is sure to get.

HowAreYouToday 34

Why waste good macaroni? Throw a microwave at her. XD XD XD (^-^)

hellbilly205 17

Plus spagetti'os are delicious

Throw the can back at her and say you prefer ravioli

MrSmOkEwEeD451 2

She should of THROWN IT AT THE GROUND!!!! in case anyone doesnt know this is a lonely island thingy

I dunno about you, but these lawsuits are making me HUNGRY!

wolfsheart 14

Hey jackass, you ripped off 1's comment.

36, That was rude! 3 probably wrote it at the same time. It is Spaghetti O's slogan after all. Lots of people know it.

I apologize. Just don't rip off another persons comment again mother*****er.

evybeth 0

#1 didn't put the whole sentence! So I didn't steal anything ! Second of all when I comment this! There was no comments at all! If u don't have anything nice to say then gtfo! How immature.

hippo1234 19

And 61, if you're going to call someone a ************, at least have the balls to spell it out complete

hippo1234 19

36/61: If you're going to call someone a ************, at least have the balls to spell the whole word.

hippo1234 19

Sorry, it said my comment failed the first time. ******* iPod.

evybeth 0

#1 just said uh oh.. I said the full sentence. :)

I'm just wondering why her boss had a can of spaghettios .. And why that was the first thing she thought was usable !!! I would have thrown a chair or a coffee mug , not my perfectly edible lunch !

I hope no one ever tries to feed me like that.

Yes, I was wondering where the hell OP works that there are random cans of pasta available for hurling?

tsim_fml 0

please dont tell me shes an anger management specialast as well.... people these days


spaghettios sound good. but your boss is a bitch, fyl !

^ but now you can threaten to tell on her. Blackmail slaves are the best:D

47.. you talk too damn much. and you aren't funny.

107- I think he is pretty damn funny. So go back under the hole you crawled out of and get off FML.

TripOnShoelaces 0

She used noodles at your noodle so you can noodle while you noodle.

pinkp909 8

Why did she just have a can of Spaghettios?.

pinkp909 8

What adult eats spaghettios?