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By  LARC_UoGuelph  |  8

There's more than one way to travel. Use the bus or train. And if you are up in the middle of nowhere, use your legs to get to a bus or a train. However if you got luggage you are screwed, whether it be emotional or literal luggage.

By  Qandol  |  26

That's what Best friends are for, you fight and argue then at the end forgive each other. Just apologize I'm sure your best friend will forgive and forget.

By  Tripartita  |  44

Hmm, sounds to me like you might be trapped in a road trip/buddy comedy. I'd be on the lookout for wacky gags, an omnipresent narrator, and forgotten items that may necessitate turning the car around and prolonging the trip.

By  trevorr_16  |  25

Just do something (like play a song that brings good memories) that will possibly cheer him/her up. Be the bigger person, and if that person is really your friend, they'll forgive you sooner or later.