By Clumsyblonde22 - 04/06/2011 11:22 - United States

Today, my aunt gave my cat aspirin because when she touched his nose he had a 'fever'. I came home to a dead cat. FML
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And your relatives came back to a dead aunt?

I'm sorry for your loss :( some people....


5232jada 4

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My grandma used to give her dog half of a low dose aspirin. I guess it was too much for the poor kitty. :/ I'm sorry for your loss.

noone should give an animal human medication.

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probably because your comment repeats four times.

Good one 65, except that's not my comment....

blonde moment?

Wow, not only did you discover your cat dead, but you also found out your aunt is a complete and utter retard. ...Not a good day for you.

what a bitch. I'd go to her house, and accidentally put dog shit all over her room.

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1- you are a boob nugget!

Actually 13, many human meds are given to animals. Such as off-the-shelf antihistamines etc. I think it's more a case of 'never give animals medicine without a professional telling you to.' For dosing quantities for one...

jackiemoonthepro 5

122 go and fuck yourself, op's cat died

5232jada 4

Thumbs down because I'm more of a dog person? really? I still had sympathy...but okay then


122, shut the hell up. I hope someone poisons you.

what the fuck is wrong with you

13 - they can have many things humans can take like tramadol and benadryl.

5232jada 4

nothing. nothing at all

what a fucking retard lmfao

When it comes to cats you have to be more careful and with say dogs. Because a cat's liver isn't that good handling such things. Won't link because it's early and I need to sleep.

yes, I understand they can have some medications designed for humans. But only an animal specialist should give advice on this. For example, a small amount of paracetamol is very harmful to animals, where as it doesn't harm people in reasonable doses.

13 when my cat had pooping problems we used human laxatives, and it worked.

no one gives a shit if you don't like cats. it's not about you selfish bitch.

5232jada 4

I never said it was about me fuck face. I stated my opinion and I said sorry for the loss. I'm tired of stupid bitches like you taking comments so seriously. what's so wrong about saying i like dogs better?? seriously! calm down!

topdawg255 0

so are humans.

how do you accidently do that?

5232jada 4

my phone messed up

mnkyc_mnkydo 5

yes indeed these, how did you phrase it, stupid fuck face bitches, are taking these comments to seriously. They reeeaaaly need to calm down mr/mrs level headed.

my cats and dogs get human meds all the time. okay'd by my vet of course.. human meds are cheaper & generally the same thing, like Tylenol for pain. ... our other farm animals (goats,llamas) get cow de-wormer... actually they use that on humans in 3rd world country too.. if you know what your using & the proper dosage it doesn't matter what it says it's for.

mymelin 5

Wow I have no idea….

Actually my aunt use to give her dog baby Benadryl when it was not feeling well

Depends on your knowledge.. Ibuprofen is safe for cats for example. Aspirin is a pure poison for cats, it causes swelling, trouble breathing etc.. poor cat :(

5232jada 4

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Sprossy1 0

Yeah, it's better the fourth time.

Any right minded adult should know better than to do dumb shit like that

I'm tired of seeing that gôddamn ugły black baby. DONT POST FOUR FCKING TIMES.

way to post it like 3 times

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

way for u too xD haha

why did u say it 3 times?

5232jada 4

my phone said it didn't post so I pressed send again and it ended up posting 3 times. sorry

I agree cats are awful

5232jada 4

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I'm sorry for your loss :( some people....

that's why you should hide aspirin from kids

^ it was the grandmother who did it

^It was his aunt who used it.

Elenachka 0

^it was the aunt who did it*

Elenachka 0

Aw too late :( dammit

I think your aunt killed it.

Zeek63 0

well sorry for your loss but gosh if your aunt is going to OD your cat wouldn't have been cooler if she gave him meth or LSD.

yeah I know my bad


thank you captain obvious. we couldn't possibly have figured it out without you spelling it out.

yeah I know that but if the aunt knew better then a kid she wouldnt have done it

Lol 101 has epic win ideaz

144 it's no shit sherlocks, god if your gonna insult me do it properly.

Evilpotato is clearly a little bit special.. bless..

Aw, that's terrible!

especially since it's almost common knowledge aspirin is poisonous to kitties D:

supernerd352 7

terrible tgat op had a cat in the 1st place

the asprin didnt work :(

that was stupid of your aunt. I hope you feel better. 1st?

Jack Frost? "I'll be back when i sew myself back together. Hey, anyone have an asprin? hahaha"

wow. sorry but your aunt is an idiot. who gives a cat aspirin? sorry about your cat though

Well, everyone knows you force feed your cat aspirin when it has a fever, right?

is she that fucking dumb? revenge your cat

I think the word you're looking for is avenge.

I think you mean "avenge her cat".

B3Y0ND 3

All of this could've been avoided if Aunt Carol had a sassy gay friend.

avenge it with a falcon punch!

Badtz_maru_fml 0

Here, kitty kitty - KITTY???